EP 1124

1124. Gratitude & Grit: How To Grow in 2024

Self-made entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer, Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee), shares his secrets to starting out as an entrepreneur and growing a successful business empire in 2024. We also talk about the importance of gratitude, kind candor, and fighting for your happiness.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today’s guest is not a scientist but a true visionary. Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee), is a self-made entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer. He started his business journey with a lemonade stand at age seven. Now, he’s a prolific content creator, best-selling author, and the co-founder of the massive digital agency VaynerMedia.

What I love about Gary is that he leads with integrity, optimism, and, above all, gratitude. He’s a guy of wisdom, not just business—and that’s an important element of what The Human Upgrade is all about.

In today’s episode, we explore how entrepreneurship has changed since Gary and I started. We get into how to grow a business in 2024 and Gary’s advice for anyone starting out. His secret to success will surprise you.

We talk a lot about gratitude, and how that lens has shaped Gary’s long career and kept him from burning out. Gary also shares his perspective on today’s social media landscape, the importance of kind candor, and why we should be looking to our elders.

No doubt, listening to Gary will inspire you to go after your passions and try that thing you’ve been putting off. In Gary’s words, your happiness is worth fighting for!


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“The joy of the process, not the riches we get from it, is the game of entrepreneurship.”



Redefining Success as an Entrepreneur


How Gary’s Upbringing Impacted His Success

  • Does growing up with money help or hurt you as an entrepreneur? 
  • Making money vs. saving money 
  • Gary’s advice for starting out as an entrepreneur 


The Truth About Social Media in 2024 

  • Then vs. now: Remembering when Gary V and Dave got started  
  • How the algorithm helps creatives find their audience 


Is Everyone Just Copying Each Other?

  • How craft differentiates content 
  • Gary’s optimistic perspective on today’s content landscape 


Gratitude as the Antidote For Burnout

  • Why Gary hasn’t run out of energy in his long career
  • Hacks for finding validation 
  • How to have empathy for people who are trying to tear you down 
  • 40 Years of Zen


Championing Wisdom Instead of Youth

  • Entering the age of celebrating our elders
  • What Gary learned from his immigrant grandparents 


Prioritizing Joy Over Riches

  • Following your passions vs. following trends
  • Why living for the weekend means living unfulfilled 
  • How to reform your dollars to reset your life 


Recognizing the Importance of Kind Candor

  • The trait that led to sloppiness in Gary’s career 
  • Why a lack of candor creates fear 
  • Why EQ should be prized 
  • The hidden loss of compromising your values for your bottom line 


Reframing Relationships & The Perspectives You Engage With

  • Limiting vs. canceling in relationships 
  • How to make social media a more positive experience  
  • Why most people are in abusive relationships with themselves 


Leading With Gratitude, Not Fear

  • Gary shares his meditation practice 
  • Why can’t we love each other like we love dogs? 
  • Gary’s upcoming book, Day Trading Attention 
  • How can we parent with more joy?


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YouTube: @garyvee

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Discord: VeeFriends

Enjoy the show!


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