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Could something as small as a ring capture truly meaningful data about what’s happening deep inside our bodies? According to Petteri Lahtela, the CEO and co-founder of Oura Health, the answer is YES, with the advent of the OURA Ring. OURA, a wearable ring device and app, analyzes sleep quality, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses of the body. In this fascinating conversation, Petteri joins Dave to discuss how far bio monitoring technology has come, the variety of body responses the ring’s tiny sensors can track, and the value in using this data to optimize wellness. You’ll learn how tapping into your individual biology can help drive self-awareness, and guide you towards a better life balance and readiness to perform. From the importance of tracking heart rate variability, to embracing our chronotypes, to the EMFs all our devices give off, Dave and Petteri dig in deep and debate it all in this amazing, forward-thinking discussion.

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  • Dave introduces Petteri Lahtela, CEO and co-founder of Oura Health, makers of the Oura Ring
  • If you want to watch video of this episode and see Dave wearing an Oura Ring, go to Bulletproof.com/youtube
  • Dave mentions Bulletproof’s Sleep Mode supplement
  • Dave mentions “The Power of When,” by Dr. Michael Breus, about chronotypes
  • Dave and Petteri discuss tracking technology, how it’s improved over the years, and how Oura’s technology works to track all sorts of body functioning via your finger
  • Petteri explains how he was able to pack so much technology into a device the size of a ring, and that there’s still more advances to come
  • Petteri explains how the Oura Ring captures heart rate variability, why that’s important, and why not ALL stress is negative
  • Why tracking your nightly temperature with the ring is important, what it indicates
  • How chronotypes are part of everyone’s individual biology
  • Dave mentions Viome
  • Petteri talks about the goals Oura is striving for; getting deep into your biology and physiology to provide personalized guidance
  • Are there privacy issues involved with gathering this type of data? Who actually owns the data?
  • How tracking technology can help you diagnose a sub-clinical condition you may not realize you have, like thyroid disease
  • Dave mentions “The Better Baby Book”
  • How nightly temperature impacts fertility in women
  • Petteri talks about all the different factors that contribute to sleep score, how sleep is a very unique and individualized experience
  • How your chronotype can determine when you should drink your coffee, according to Dave
  • Dave asks about electromagnetic frequency (EMF) concerns surrounding the ring…Petteri explains
  • Why it’s a good idea to be aware of EMFs
  • Petteri addresses an issue about the ring slipping out of airplane mode, therefore emitting EMFs
  • Petteri and Dave discuss some additional benefits and features of the Oura Ring
  • Petteri’s three most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • Find out more about the Oura Ring at OuraRing.com
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