Change Your State of Mind, No Drugs Required – Hapbee with Dave Asprey – #762

Learn how to choose your feelings on demand with the help of ultra-low energy magnetic fields and wearable tech.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re going to take a dive into wearable tech. And while you’ve heard a lot about tech that can help biohack your physiology on Bulletproof Radio over nearly 800 episodes, this one has a unique blueprint. It’s a mood ring for your mind.

What you want to do is actually change your biology and you can use data to do that. You also can use wearables that directly put signals into your body. This company achieves that with a device called Hapbee that allows you to choose your feelings on demand with the help of ultra-low energy magnetic fields.

Hapbee delivers safe, comfortable feelings to your body at the click of a button. I think it’s one of the next frontiers of biohacking.

CEO Scott Donnell is with me to explain how and why this actually works.

“If you can influence a cell with a subtle magnetic field, it’s like, “Oh, I need to do more of this,” Scott says. “it changes how you feel no drugs or anything ingestible required.”

We talk science and we talk feelings. These are not mutually exclusive. We also show how the Hapbee can give you benefits every day like being alert, sleepy, calm, focused, happy and relaxed.

“If a protein receptor can change its shape, it can trigger a whole world of metabolic effects and hormones and RNA and things like that,” Scott says. “And that’s what we’re doing.”

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to both physical and mental health. He founded Hapbee in 2004 and has been working on this tech ever since. The most significant milestones have all been achieved in 2020, with the company just recently going public.

He also shares how Hapbee got him through a stressful year of workload and personal loss.

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Change Your State of Mind; No Drugs Required – Hapbee with Dave Asprey – #762



Key Notes

  • I’m desperate to find ways to feel good and hack my mental wellness without drugs and toxins and drink and stuff. – 3:37
  • 18 years ago, 15 scientists in a lab had this crazy idea that what if you could get a signal from a molecule. – 5:14
  • You were able to take normal compounds that, that humans use, things like coffee and get the magnetic signal. – 7:36
  • Alert is straight up energy from a cup of coffee, energy drink, and then focus as much more of a nicotine receptor thing. – 9:52
  • Our goal is first do no harm and then prove the hell out of it. – 14:04
  • If someone has got a lot of trauma or blockage, it’s hard for them to feel it. They have to go six, seven, sometimes 10 sessions before they start to get the sensations to build their pathways.- 18:19
  • If a protein receptor can change its shape, it can trigger a whole world of metabolic effects and hormones and RNA and things like that. And that’s what we’re doing. – 23:07
  • Our goal is to create a tribe of people who love what we’re doing for the long haul.- 30:31
  • You kind of hit the wall right in the middle of your IPO. What happened to you personally? – 33:18
  • I’m going to do 100 day challenge for my mind and my body and my environment. – 36:04
  • How much of what happened to you was loneliness? 37:22
  • Hapbee is a tool in the tool belt. That’s all we see it as. We don’t have this aggrandized self image. We want to be a very powerful tool for mental health, but I think everyone gets attracted to biohacking because they hit a pain point in their life where they need something better. – 44:53
  • Here’s the playlist if people can see it. If you’re looking, we’ve got alert, calm, focus, happy, relaxed, and sleepy. – 45:25

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