Health, Happiness, Success – How to be a Superwoman with Dr. Taz. #463

Are you a Gypsy Girl or a Boss Lady? Dr. Taz, a self diagnosed “Savvy Chic” and nationally recognized physician specializing in integrative and functional medicine can help you figure out your Power Type!

Dr. Taz takes knowledge from her background in Western Medicine, blends it with Chinese Medicine and throws in some Ayurvedic knowledge and comes up with a unique system for figuring out your personal strengths.

Dave and Dr. Taz discuss her new book, Super Woman Rx, and get into how the health of Women really is a reflection of the heath of the world.

Enjoy the show!

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Health, Happiness, Success – How to be a Superwoman with Dr. Taz. #463

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Show Notes



  • Dr. Taz on her life’s work. “It’s been this crazy unexpected journey that I didn’t ever think or think through or plan for my life. It just sort of organically happened.”
  • Why Dr. Taz moved away from emergency room medicine.
  • Why doctors make the worst patients!
  • How Dr. Taz healed herself. “If you want to make this anything more than a hobby you need to do it, and it can’t be curbside consult all the time. You need to actually practice it and live it and breathe it.”
    “I can’t do this thing on my own. I need a team and I need people, and I need guidance, and I need a community, and I need to be connected because none of us are meant to fight this fight alone definitely.”
  • Why Dr. Taz chose to write a book for women.“Two genders are indeed equal, but incredibly different, and they’re different in terms of anatomy and structure, and function, but they’re also very different in terms of emotion and intuition, and sense and sensibility, and all these other things.”
  • On extreme exercise. “They don’t want their women going out and doing marathons, they think that’s the most ridiculous thing. They think that’s so stressful to a female body, and that’s going to cause hormone imbalances, and this and that and all that other stuff.”
  • For Women, it is never just a health issue. “that for us a health issue just like everything else in our life, a health issue is never confined to a health issue. Here is what happens to us, when we have a health issue, whatever it is, whether we have a hormone issue or we lose hair or we have cancer or we have an autoimmune disease it reverberates out into multiple people’s lives.”
  • Changing the world by empowering women. “No matter what you think about the role of men today in parenthood and everything else, the woman is still the primary caretaker, whether we like it or not, and when she goes down a whole lot of other people go down too.”
  • Why it is critical for women to understand themselves and their health. “Well, we can’t unless we empower our women, and we can’t empower women and talk women’s empowerment until women understand how to take care of themselves, because typically what happens to them is they’re too busy spinning all over the place, but not turning in word and taking care of themselves, and understanding themselves and instead they go down the path of wrong choices, wrong medicines for them, wrong supplements for them, wrong food for them, that in turn impacts their hormones, that in turn impacts their brain and will impact who they choose to marry, what type of work they do.”
  • On the different “types” for women in Dr. Taz’s book and how to know which one you can fit into.
  • Dave on reading a “teen boy’s instruction manual” for hitting on girls.
  • Are your weaknesses your strengths? Dr. Taz thinks so.
  • On understanding different types of people. “It can help you understand the people around you, and also help you to understand their motivations, and who may thrive in different situations.”
  • On what Dr. Taz thinks is the future of medicine. “, and you put them all together, and you marry the nutritional knowledge and the energetic knowledge, and the hormone knowledge from all of them you have a really powerful, inexpensive tool in your hand to effect change and to revamp the entire medical model.”
  • What type in Dr. Taz’s book has the hardest time taking care of themselves first.
  • Dr. Taz on how she feels better now than she did 20 years ago, and her mission to help other women. “I want everyone to have that, like why can’t everybody have the same feeling? Why can’t they jump out of the bed and have this natural energy, and then go forth into the world and create whatever they’re supposed to do?”
  • A big piece of advice from Dr. Taz. “Find that time to be quiet, to be still daily, find it weekly, find it quarterly, find it yearly.”
  • “We are meant to be connected. Find a way to be connected, not only do you need to be connected to yourself, but you need to be connected to others, and you also need to be connected to your own spirituality and your own soul.”
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