Address Invisible Patterns, Find Joy in Solving Problems & Other Lessons with the Founder of TOMS Shoes – #442

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Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, and the brains behind One for One®, a unique business model that helps a person in need with every purchase, had a simple idea that grew into a worldwide phenomenon. From shoes, to eyewear, to coffee, to bags – TOMS’ family of products is making a difference all over the globe. Today, live from TOMS’ headquarters in LA, Blake joins Dave to discuss social entrepreneurship and the business of giving, the lessons he’s learned over the years, how he developed his company’s mission, and how he handles his critics. Blake, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, “Start Something That Matters,” also gets personal with Dave, talking about the invisible patterns that shape our behaviors, meditation, finding joy in life’s challenges, and the simple act of gratitude. You won’t want to miss this incredible hour of Bulletproof Radio, which offers insight and advice from the man who has made solving problems in culture his life’s work.

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  • Dave is in person with Blake from TOMS Shoes Headquarters in LA! If you want to watch video of this episode, go to
  • Dave introduces successful entrepreneur and founder of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie
  • Dave asks Blake about his early businesses – including a laundry service Blake started in college
  • How Blake handled his early financial success, and his philosophy about money
  • How Blake dealt with the failure of his second business; how it impacted his employees lives, the lessons he learned
  • Dave and Blake talk about how it feels when employees leave the fold, and how he parts ways with employees
  • Blake talks about the challenges he’s encountered as the founder of TOMS Shoes, and how he helps those in need in a responsible way
  • How doing self-work helped Blake improve his business and personal relationships, and helped create empathy
  • Blake explains what he did to work on himself; how a retreat at The Hoffman Institute made a huge impact
  • How childhood patterns can be invisible and hold you back…Blake relates this to his working life
  • Blake and Dave talk about self-forgiveness and identity creation
  • Blake talks about transcendental meditation (TM), and how it impacts his life
  • How Blake handles unpredictability, and how control comes into play
  • How Blake discovered the wellness strategies that work for him; how testing things out and experimenting is the best way to figure it out
  • How learning to sit and relax can be as challenging as some athletic pursuits!
  • Blake explains how he got into the best shape of his life in the past couple of years; his nutrition habits and his work with a trainer
  • Blake’s explains his mission for TOMS Shoes; how it all came about when he was on vacation in Argentina, and how it organically grew from there
  • How Blake feels about being defined as a social entrepreneur, how he chose the causes TOMS focuses on, and how he relied on his partners to make tough business decisions
  • How Blake deals with critics…and how criticism has actually helped his business
  • Blake talks about the corporate culture at TOMS; how he keeps his voice in the mix, even after bringing on a CEO and partners
  • How company culture = shared vision
  • Blake’s three most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • If you liked this episode, go pick up some TOMS Shoes!
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