Bulletproof is Real – How I Hacked My Health & Brain

I began hacking my metabolism in 1992 and eventually used complex system engineering techniques to upgrade my own biology, losing 100 lbs, turbocharging my immune system, upgrading my brain, becoming an expert in nutrition, and achieving an amazing physique that doesn’t even require exercise to maintain. I learned that if I managed my energy levels, I performed better in the office, I was a better father and husband, a better leader, and I was happier. I had the power to do – and be – more.

Being bulletproof doesn’t mean I’m indestructable – it means I know my limits but focus on constant improvement and efficiency so that I can transcend them.

Here’s a small sampling of how I hacked my health and mental performance:

  • lost 100lbs and have kept it off for more than a dozen years…without dieting…and without needing exercise to do it.
  • I went from being in the high risk category for stroke, heart attack, and diabetes at age 30 to being in the lowest possible risk categories as quantitatively measured by my world-class anti-aging physician. See where the picture below says, “High risk of stroke/MI?” MI means “myocardial infarction” or heart attack.
  • I added 12 points to my IQ using an $11 million custom EEG setup & a dozen more with other techniques.
  • In one week, I learned to reach an Advanced Zen state that traditionally takes 21-40 years of daily practice.
  • I can sleep 5 hours a night for months on end and perform at my best
  • rejuvenated my knees – arthritic since age 14 after 3 surgeries – to the point I could do high altitude mountaineering in Nepal and Tibet.
  • I even gained so much flexibility through my program that I can put my feet behind my head…and I haven’t stretched or taken regular yoga classes in 2 years.

Look what it did for my career…and I have years to go before I’m 40:

  • In 1992 at age 19, I started my first company from a dorm room, one of the first 2 companies to sell anything online. Entrepreneur Magazine and dozens of other publications featured stories on me.
  • I made my first million at age 26 as an executive for a publicly traded $36 billion company, while simultaneously teaching dozens of classes for the University of California.
  • I got my MBA from Wharton while working full time for a startup that sold for more than $500 million.
  • I  invented two early cloud computing services, before we even called it cloud computing, and played a hand in the emergence of two network industries, WAN optimization and Load Balancing.
  • I owned strategic planning for two public companies with more than $1 billion in revenue
  • I worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence for a leading venture capital firm, and I’m an advisor to several more.
  • My writing has been published by the New York Times, Fortune, and Salon.com.
  • I was on IBM’s advisory board and I’m a sought-after advisor to startups looking for venture backing.
  • I was elected President of Smart Life Forum, an 18-year-old nonprofit that works with top anti-aging physicians to share their knowledge
  • I am about to publish my first book about how to make higher-IQ babies starting in the womb.

This is all true and verifiable even if it sounds like too much in too little time. I’m sharing this because I want you to believe this kind of performance is possible for you too.


My photo from the 1999 UC Santa Cruz Course Catalog:

31 thoughts on “Bulletproof is Real – How I Hacked My Health & Brain”

      • I agree! you are lucky to have such a hip Gramma!
        Dave … I wondered … can you direct me to info on how this all works for women in pre-menopause? I’m sure it’s on your site somewhere, but I have had trouble finding that info. 😉 Bulletproof Coffee is awesome btw!!!

        • It all works the same! Adequate fat will reduce symptoms of pms. Avoiding toxins helps too. Keyisis and other techniques all still work. I recommend bio identical hormone supplements.

  1. Congratulations on the transformations, and I applaud you for taking your journey and using it to coach. The weight loss is amazing and totally true, no exercise really needed. I am a colleague of Andrew’s in the health and writing departments when he was working here in the Bay, and am honored to be a testimonial in the book. I’m looking forward to the read

  2. You look younger now than you did 12 years ago. Congrats on taking the reins and healing your body and making yourself even better.

  3. You definitely look better with a beard, regardless of the other changes.

    I’m still thinking about this – butter in my coffee is a bit of a mental leap.

  4. did you get the butter in your coffee idea from your time in the Himalayas? Yak butter tea is something i could never really embrace… it just smelled wrong to me. But when you gotta drink it, you gotta drink it. Lets just say the next time i went up to Nepal, i brought my own tea bags. Great site Dave.

  5. Ok the upgrade, but cut hour hair can be the forse thing to bulletproof you sex appeel 😉

    I’m joking!
    Thanks for this infos. I’m Italian, living in Italy and I love coffe, but unfortunately it is not “recommended” for me, because it creates to me high stomach acidity.

    I’ suffered to it for a long time, but are a few months I decided to change my life and become vegan and eliminate paste, pizza and so on. It was really difficult for me, remember I’m Italian, but with EFT I deleted connections about gluten foods and happiness.

    So now I loose 6 kg in 2 months, with no sport activities. No more than going to the park with my dog “Burbank”

    • My dog is birba, not Burbank. iPad decided for me 🙂

      Concluding, now I’m not full vegan and gluten free, ones a week I eat pasta and ones I eat eggs or fish. And if is regular to stay well after a sushi, I’m not so good the day after a pizza or a pasta.

      Even if I will not eat meat anymore, I can understand the reason why you use that.
      What I can’t understand is the use of butter. One of the things that me Welty is the avoid of milk and derivates. Re introducing them

      • I’m scared about reintroducing them milks and derivates.

        Thanks for your job. And sorry for 3 different posts, something wrong with iPad and reply forms 😉

  6. Dave,

    I’m curious about what you did to rejuvenate your knees beyond proper diet. Have you written on this? Would be cool to know some hacks for healing/preventing joint injury. Thanks.

    • Wow that’s a big post. Okay I will write it sometime. ;-0

      Google prolozone to find the fastest joint fixing thing I know.

      • So did you use prolozone thereapy to rejuvinate your knees? And how did you rejuvinate them? Did you inject yourself?

  7. Of all of those items you listed, the one that screams out BS is increasing your flexibility to that degree without stretching at all?.? I want to believe (and emulate) but without stretching at all? That doesn’t seem possible. Please share the evidence and procedure, Dave!!

    • By increasing your nutrition and being so active (so as to only sleep 5 hours a day staying focus on tasks, health and one’s job), likely makes your joints more lubricated and your muscles more agile naturally, that’s probably what he means. And keeping muscles in shape, generally speaking, will maintain a degree of flexibility, naturally. I personally have a higher flexibility by making simple adjustments with working out and eating right, and I’m not speaking in terms of excess, just basics. I don’t suppose he was saying that it’s wrong to stretch or that one shouldn’t stretch anyway, I suppose he means that what you put into your body does make a noteworthy difference.

      • I did advanced yoga for 5 years, THEN stopped for 2 years with no loss of flexibility. 😉
        Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  8. Dave, at about what point did you discover or start using provigil? Your timeline doesn’t really reflect a noticable difference that I have seem to heard from others. Seems like you were always on that path.

  9. I’m 46, been married 21 years, two successful teens, still play competitive basketball, run 40s faster than college kids, hike the sierras, slalom black diamond ski runs, write books (three to date), compose music, play piano, maintain 7 websites, work as a Communications Manager, am just as flexible as you, mentor young people, counsel married couples, wake up at 330am every morning (play one hours of basketball and one hour of weightlifting six days a week), am 6’3/200 lbs of muscle and can bench 250 lbs. How? One word: God. No supplements, no bio hacking, no tricks, gimmicks or hustles. Just God. And even more amazing is that you only had a weight problem. I was an alcoholic, chain smoker, binge eater, cheater and drug user. I was blind but now I see. Jesus saves. Believe it. He is the ONLY way. Everything else is smoke and mirrors


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