Go Beyond Chicken Soup & Confront Your Fears: Jack Canfield #471

Have you ever wondered if everything you want is on the other side of fear? Well, the guest on today’s podcast thinks that almost everything worth having or achieving is indeed just outside your comfort zone.

The guest is Jack Canfield, the author who created Chicken Soup for the Soul. He wrote that book 25 years ago, in 1993, and there are currently 500 million copies of the book in print. He also has 40 New York Times bestsellers and he has had seven books on the New York Times list – at the same time – which set a Guinness World Record.

Dave and Jack talk about how important it is to take 100% responsibility for yourself, how to choose and use your language well (and avoid weasel words), plus how to conquer the fear of being wrong, and much more.

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Go Beyond Chicken Soup & Confront Your Fears: Jack Canfield #471

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Show Notes

  • Why Jack felt he needed to write The Success Principles book.
  • “So here I am. I’ve sold millions of Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I’m living the life of Riley. All of a sudden I thought I had to share with people all these principles I’ve been applying.”
  • Where people look for success the most?
  • What does real success fell like?
  • “I used to say success was being able to produce whatever result you wanted in any area of your life, when you wanted it, as much as you wanted it. And now I say, success is fulfilling your soul’s purpose. So, whether you’re religious or spiritual or neither, you have some purpose. It’s built into you, “
  • “I can’t imagine not writing. It’s like asking a surfer, why do you keep surfing? It’s like asking a golfer, why do you keep golfing? Because I love doing to. If I stop loving it, I’ll stop doing it.”
  • How Dave and Jack use language and why they think it is important for them and their family.
  • Why “the ego” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • “I think there’s another fear that if I engage in some of this, stuff might come up that’s painful that I don’t want to feel. A lot of the reasons we shut down these emotions and turn them into tension or pain in our body is because they were painful. “
  • Why Jack thinks everyone was born with a purpose.
  • Are Guardian Angels real?
  • “I don’t think there are things with wings flying around in the sky, but I do believe there are energetic forces that are on your side. “
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