The Cheat Codes That Get You to Soul Force – Jamie Wheal, Part 4 with Dave Asprey – #849

When Jamie Wheal comes on Bulletproof Radio we always dig into mind-bending topics. This time, our conversation spans a special four-part mini-series to discuss his new book: “Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death in a World That’s Lost its Mind.”

In the Part 3 episode we talk about the five things that can transform cultural consciousness, and in this last installment of the series, Part 4, we’re talking about the more specific ways those five pathways can transform your body. Music, breathwork, sex and more all have the power to do things like reset your brainstem, stimulate your nervous system, and unclog your fascia.

“You’re loading that system,” Jamie says. “You’re creating a peak experience that you send through your body and brain, and it lights up your body and brain. And there is a narrative. There’s impressions. There’s stories. There’s characters. There’s insights There’s whatever else would be the interior content that is often profoundly valuable and meaningful and very different than our monophasic waking state, tired, wired and stressed stuck-in-my-ego stories.”

Thai massage, music with certain beats, aligning your spine, soft tissue body work—all of these things can help transform your consciousness. They serve as a pathway to the death-rebirth rituals Jamie studied, the ones that send a peak of energy through your nervous system and reboot your whole system.

“I think a critical piece of our global collective challenge and crisis is, hey, we all need to heal ourselves and each other. And here is the most simple, most accessible, most powerful method that humans have ever developed. And here’s the cheat codes to everybody and let’s get on this.”

Be sure to stay tuned until the end when Jamie asks me some questions about delta wave frequencies.

Jamie studies neuroanthropology, which brings together culture, biology, and psychology. He’s the founder of the international Flow Genome Project, an organization that helps people reach their peak human performance.  He’s currently focusing on Hedonic Engineering, a combination of neuroscience and optimal psychology. His book looks at the world’s collapse of meaning, the embracing of nihilism, and how you can shift your stories to tackle the world by connecting to others and revitalizing yourself.

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The Cheat Codes That Get You to Soul Force – Jamie Wheal, Part 4 with Dave Asprey – #849


Book: “Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex, and Death in a World That’s Lost Its Mind

Key Notes

  • Ryan D’Arcy, is one of Canada’s top TBI neuroscientists. And they are running the phase III clinical trials on the PoNS device. And it is a tongue paddle.  – 1:22
  • But basically, that idea of like, “Oh, how do you get into delta? How do you reset your brainstem?” And those two things often are paired. In a brainstem reset, you often have that experience of delta waves activity.  – 3:31
  • So, we got reset your brain, your brain and then pulse energy. What does that mean?  – 4:30
  • You could engage in static active passive stretching, and any of those things that basically gets us out of deskbound hyperconditioned zoo animals.  – 8:10
  • Any kind of particular powerful music that’s best?  – 10:41
  • If any part of this wigs you out, just don’t do that part. And all you have to do is do the other parts longer or more intensely. So, that’s this kind of sliding scale of challenge by choice.  – 16:35
  • Most of us are just like, “Holy shit, how did I get here.” We get spat out into the world, and the world kind of sucks and it’s harsh, and it’s not nearly as friendly as that womb was.  -19:21
  • What are the risks of getting good spanking on nitrous and the entire list? What if it goes wrong, what do you do? What does it look like when it goes wrong?  – 22:59
  • Make haste slowly. And also, never forget in service of what. And so, my advice in it, and we have a whole program actually on a Hedonic Calendaring, which is how do you layer these things in from mild medium to spicy through your year,  – 28:15
  • It’s sort of grandiosity. So, it really is important to heed Dumbledore’s caution about getting lost in the wishing well.  – 32:09
  • If you guys don’t believe me. M-I-T-H-R-A-S, just Google it. It’s overwhelmingly obvious. But it went away. All religions do eventually, unless they become systematized. – 36:12
  • What is your understanding of delta wave activity. – 38:06
  • What is your working model as to what you think is happening in those states? Where are they accessing or what capacities are they bringing online or where are they smuggling in the juju from?  – 42:55
  • Maybe we’re a receiver of some form to some nonlocal information layer. And that puts you into Wheeler’s physics, its from bits information theory of the universe. – 46:55
  • But if we could come up with a functioning and interactive model that people could effectively upload as new software, that that would be comparable to hominids discovering language.  – 51:59

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