EP 1157

1157. Becoming Buddha: How to Be Happy

Jerry Colonna shares his transformative journey from a high-powered venture capitalist to a Buddhist coach.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

On today’s episode, you’ll learn about the profound impact of “radical self-inquiry” on leadership and life, illustrating how deep personal development can reshape personal and professional relationships. You’ll also learn how mindfulness and self-awareness are crucial for effective leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or simply aspiring to improve, this conversation offers invaluable insights into executive coaching, Buddhism and personal transformation, making it essential for anyone aiming to foster a compassion and understanding. 


"Empathy starts with understanding oneself. And so, I don't think it's possible to have too much empathy if properly worked with."


(00:00:01) Introduction to Jerry and the Episode 

  • Dave introduces the episode and guest Jerry Colonna, highlighting his unique background in venture capital and coaching. 

(00:01:39) Venture Capitalist to Buddhist Coach: Jerry’s Career Journey 

  • Jerry discusses his transition from being a successful venture capitalist to embracing Buddhism and becoming a leadership coach. 
  • The impact of personal struggles and insights that led to his career transformation. 

(00:16:28) Philosophy of Radical Self-Inquiry: Its Impact on Leadership 

  • Exploration of how radical self-inquiry can transform leadership styles. 
  • Discussion on the importance of understanding personal past and its influence on professional interactions. 

(00:32:48) Importance of Practice: Ongoing Personal Development 

  • Jerry stresses the importance of continuous personal development and practice in mastering self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 
  • How consistent practice in self-inquiry leads to better leadership skills. 

(00:52:05) Profound States Without Psychedelics: Achieving Awareness Through Meditation 

  • Jerry shares insights on achieving profound mental states through meditation, without the use of psychedelics. 
  • Benefits of meditation in enhancing leadership capabilities by fostering deeper self-awareness. 

(01:04:05) Insights from ‘Reunion’: Fostering Connections and Compassion in Leadership 

  • Jerry discusses his book ‘Reunion’ and its themes of compassion and connectedness in leadership. 
  • How empathy and understanding can significantly improve executive leadership and corporate culture. 


Enjoy the show!


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