Biotech Ninja Moves Are Disrupting How We Age & What We Eat – Jim Mellon with Dave Asprey – #736

Pulling back aging and extending our lifespan means more people on the planet longer. Lightning fast innovation is finding solutions.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is Jim Mellon, a British entrepreneur, investor, author and global philanthropist.

We talk about the financial investments that are leading to real-time breakthroughs in human longevity, as well as developments in cellular agriculture that can feed a planet—without harming any animals.

Where I think Jim is pulling a bit of a Ninja move is that he sees the goal of having old people who have brains that work and have bodies that work and have a ton of energy and a ton of wisdom. And that’s the world where I’d like to live in. That’s how we lift our society up. That’s how we stop making the same cyclical mistakes that each generation has to figure out. So, I’m excited by that vision!

“We are talking about disruption,” Jim says. “We’re talking about execution. We’re talking about future areas of opportunity. I would say that none of us know where it’s going to end up in 10 years, but we do know that it’s going to be radically different. Curiosity is a major component of success. You have to keep on seeking out and not discounting things just because they seem a bit radical.”

Jim’s known for his ability to recognize emerging trends that turn into new industries or major shifts in markets. This includes the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, new science and technologies, and now the field of aging research and longevity.

He’s working with biotech and life sciences companies that are looking at the mechanisms of aging. Currently underway are an FDA-approved migraine solution; a ketone ester; organ regeneration; and new drug applications.

There are five things that kill 70% of the 140,000 people that die every day on the planet (excluding COVID-19): stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and respiratory disease. “Those diseases, which are diseases of aging, are being addressed,” Jim says.

The research and product and clinical trials are moving at warp speed with the help of AI. So many people still believe that it’s not possible to influence the aging process, Jim says, but there’s incredible potential in this industry.

There’s also great potential in cellular agriculture to help solve how we’ll feed the billions of people on our planet. “There’s a very high level of purity and all sorts of environmental positives to it,” Jim says, “but it’s sort of at a very early stage.”

Listen on to learn more about the developments in longevity and sustainable food solutions that are changing our world right now.

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Jim Mellon’s Abundance 360 Presentation

Key Notes

    • Five-ish things that Juvenescence has focused on and why. – 2:25
    • This year we’ll have one program in phase two trial. – 4:43
    • You guys are doing something fundamentally different. – 6:31
    • If you get to 180, you’re going to live to 500. It’s the escape velocity. – 9:57
    • People are very skeptical about Alexia’s of youth and so forth because nothing has worked in the past. – 12:01
    • Our mission is to compress the period of morbidity at the end of life – 12:58
    • How many years from now do people have to live to the point where the tech is going to be there? – 15:05
    • Stroke disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, respiratory disease. Those are the five key killers that kill 70% of 140,000 people that die every day on the planet. – 18:42
    • Are you aging companies? Are you pharma companies? What are you? – 21:17
    • The idea is that you take hepatocytes and you seed them into a lymph node that’s adjacent to a failing liver.  – 27:26
    • I would like to have an extra thymus floating around. It feels like right now is a good time to have a highly resilient immune system. – 30:05
    • It won’t just be about the fact we’re going to live a long time. It will be, how do we deal with all the technology that makes it possible? How do we deal with our finances? How do we deal with emotional relationships? – 34:32
    • Are you worried about overpopulation? – 36:41
    • If you had some advice for someone who was 20 or 25 or 30, what would you tell them, knowing what you know now about where tech is going? 36:41
    • The three previous SARS ones and those, each lost the world economy about $50 billion, approximately. This one has cost us $8 trillion around the globe. – 44:39
    • It’s now moving into cellular agriculture where there’s is a very high level of purity and all sorts of environmental positives. – 46:05
    • BlueNalu from San Diego is really, really exciting. they already have a tuna prototype. – 50:09
    • Chicken, which is the most efficient animal converter, takes in nine times more nutrients than it gives in it’s meat. – 52:01
    • Growing stuff in labs, which is effectively a 1:1 conversion, you require a lot less crop land to feed, to act as nutrients for these lab grown foods, – 52:29

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