Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Orgasms – John Gray with Dave Asprey – #716

Learn more about the nine types of orgasm and why sex without ejaculating can be awesome.

To My Listeners: I recorded this podcast in Park City, Utah, before coronavirus halted travel.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is quite a rideboth fun and fascinating. Consider it sex ed for grownups taught by man who chose celibacy for nine years. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn.

My guest is John Gray, author of one of the most well-known and trusted relationship books of all time, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” It’s been recognized as a top 10 “most influential books” of the last quarter century. His Mars/Venus book series has forever changed the way men and women view their relationships.

For more than 20 years, he’s helped couples deepen their intimacy and rejuvenate their love lives. His newest title (of nearly two dozen books), “Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World,” covers love and sex in our modern life.

His many books, blogs and free online workshops at MarsVenus.com provide practical insights to improve relationships at all stages of life and love. You don’t want to miss our discussion of the many layers of sexuality and how men and women approach intimacy differently.

Hormonal balance plays a big role in sexual health. “Just as a rule of thumb,” John says, “anytime a man is passive, irritable, depressed, angry, frustrated, grumpy, his testosterone is low.” Women are affected by rising and falling estrogen levels, as well. Biologically, hormones rule sex lives, so it’s important that we recognize what our bodies are doing.

On a practical level, John walks listeners through nine types of orgasm, the benefits of sex without ejaculating and how people can become desensitized by porn or overstimulation.

“When you’re with someone in physical touching,” John says, “there’s a lot of different hormones that get produced to keep sex from being overstimulating because anything which is overstimulating destimulates you, desensitizes your ability to be turned on to your partner.”

He also offers some interesting tips and techniques that can increase both your partner’s sexual pleasure and your own.

Enjoy the show! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Orgasms – John Gray with Dave Asprey – #716


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Key Notes

  • How do you go without ejaculating or masturbating for nine years? 3:17
  • You want to conserve the energy or the semen for men. It is the fuel for the brain to have higher consciousness in my awareness. – 6:37
  • The purpose of sex is to make love, sharing and expressing love. – 8:00
  • In Beyond Mars and Venus you addressed some really good things that you wouldn’t have addressed 25 years ago. – 11:45
  • I’m a loving person. How could I not fall in love.- 15:38
  • Cocaine produces high levels of dopamine. Ejaculation is on the same level. – 18:16
  • If you’re a woman going, oh my god, I can’t imagine spending half hour an hour a day having sex. Like I’m already getting pestered for three times a week. How does this work? – 24:31
  • We see teenagers now masturbating every day to internet porn. They at 21 years old are impotent with a real girl. – 27:39
  • People think aggressive, violent men are high testosterone men. Actually, they’re high estrogen men. – 29:28
  • Women’s brains are designed to be busy, busy, busy. We can more easily say, forget it, and not worry about it and let it go. – 31:51
  • Nonsexual touch will generate oxytocin. – 33:34
  • Different zones of the vagina equal the zones of the penis that go to different organs in the body just like we have acupressure points in certain parts of the vagina stimulate the liver, certain go to the lungs and so forth. – 38:11
  • Nine orgasms that a woman can have. – 39:56
  • G spot is like a quarter. – 49:01
  • Beyond the G spot, the same about an inch in there is something called the E spot. – 49:44
  • After she has an orgasm or two of the E spot area, then what happens is C spot. – 50:32
  • The way you get out of blue balls. – 53:53
  • Exercise your PC muscle and then reverse PC muscle. Reverse PC muscle is actually more important than PC muscle. – 55:44
  • What’s the trick for turning off the monkey brain when you get to that point, where if I don’t ejaculate now, the world will end? How do you change that process? – 58:39

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