Intuition is Not a Feeling – Joy Martina – #574

Psychic psychologist, Joy Martina, demystifies the myths surrounding intuition and explains how anyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their life experience.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, psychic psychologist Joy Martina demystifies the myths surrounding intuition. She explains how anyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their life experience.

Before you decide this isn’t the episode for you, stay with us. We talk about intuition as a form of intelligence that’s not gender-specific.

Joy reminds us that Albert Einstein said intuition is the highest form of intelligence. He also says the intuitive mind is the sacred gift and the rational mind is the faithful servant. Joy believes that we’ve created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Our conversation touches on “channelling,” as well as how to use your intuition to make better choices faster, starting with stepping out of the buzz and making time for solitude and silence. “When our brain is relaxed,” Joy says, “it’s usually smarter. When our brain is able to focus, we have control over our mind rather than our mind having control over us. Then, we’re actually able to train potential in ourselves.”

Also in this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the difference between emotions and intuition
  • Say no gracefully
  • Sync your left and right brain hemispheres using a simple technique called “the switch”
  • Forgive and release
  • Train your brain while sleeping
  • Fire your head-brain, heart-brain and gut-brain in the right sequence to become more intuitive
  • Take power naps to increase energy and efficiency

“We can’t be happy when we’re not tuned into our intuition,” says Joy. “If we don’t know what’s right for us, if we don’t feel that in us, if we’re not connected to us, to our truth, then we’ll never be truly happy. That’s what intuition actually is—finding your truth.”

Enjoy the show!
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Intuition is Not a Feeling – Joy Martina – #574


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Instagram: @drjoymartina
Twitter: @JoyAndRoy
E-book: How to Use Intuition to Change Your Life

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Key Notes

  • We’re all channelling all the time 00:05:20
  • Intuition is the highest form of intelligence 0:06:50
  • The voices we are trained to listen to 00:18:10
  • We have different ways (channels) to gather information 00:28:00
  • Using brain training at night 00:50:10
  • We can’t be truly happy without intuition 01:07:40
  • Big Ideas:
  • Moments when we say something that we don’t know where it came from 00:10:20
  • Where “Christallin channelling” came from 00:11:30
  • What is emotion? 00:24:25
  • The difference between women’s and men’s intuition 00:31:10
  • How to get the “monkey chatter” to silence by doing The Switch 00:43:10
  • Does Virtual gastric band surgery work? 00:55:10

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