Do Less to Get More – Kate Northrup – #654

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Put a focus on your priorities and practices to eliminate busyness and achieve greater success.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m taking with Kate Northrup. As an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, activist and mother, she has built a multimedia digital company by doing less and working fewer hours—all while raising two small kids.

In her newest book, “Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms,” she says a resounding no to the addiction of busyness and debunks the myth that personal worth equals productivity.

“We might be doing things just because we’re upholding some standards that if we really were to check in with our hearts and souls, they’re not actually bringing us joy,” she says. “So, I believe things need to either bring us results or bring us joy. If they don’t bring us results or joy, they have no business in our lives.”

I’m excited to talk to Kate about how she balances practical data with the important soul work to manage her business, her energy and her life. I’m especially intrigued with how she manages to “bend time.”

Enjoy the show!

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Do Less to Get More – Kate Northrup – #654



Key Notes

  • Why Kate started a company when she had kids 00:04:00
  • What is mommy-brain? 00:06:00
  • A recipe for overwhelm 00:09:50
  • Do a brain dump of the things you think you need to do 00:10:50
  • Tasks need to bring us results or joy 00:12:05
  • Delegate laundry ASAP 00:14:10
  • In business, it’s 2019 but in the home, it is the 1950s 00:16:00
  • Child help is like hiring a new employee 00:21:30
  • How do you break the addiction to business? 00:24:15
  • What brings Dave joy 00:29:50
  • Energy is the ultimate currency for everything 00:34:05
  • What are energy leaks? 00:38:25
  • How can you bend time? 00:46:45
  • For those who struggle with asking for help… 00:54:10
  • The power of Yoga Nidra and sleep 00:59:00

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