Surprising Longevity Secrets from a Fitness Titan – Kathy Smith with Dave Asprey – #723

Move every day, lift heavy things and follow your curiosity down unexpected paths to find the fun in fitness.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking with Kathy Smith, who has been at the forefront of the fitness industry for nearly 40 years. Her authenticity is a rarity in a business where trends come and go within a matter of months. She’s an innovative mover who embraces change and seeks adventure. Her insatiable curiosity feeds her energy and vibrant outlook.

“It’s a Buddhist philosophy of always looking at things with young eyes, fresh eyes, like you’ve never seen it before,” she says. “Where you get up and you’re very present, you’re very right now, you’re very much like, ‘teach me something,’ as opposed to, ‘oh, I know that.’”

She believes that staying strong is the key to staying young and progressnot perfectionis a balanced approach.

“What’s kept me in the game for all these years is that I have known when do you go hard and when do you back off and go gentle and do your yoga and your recovery and let your body heal,” Kathy says.

“Think about your fitness,” she continues, “it’s cardio, it’s strength and it’s stretching mind-body balance. So, those three things interestingly enough have not changed that much through the years. What’s changed is how we approach that.”

Kathy’s mastered fitness efficiency: prioritizing HIIT, hacking strength training with blood flow restriction, and experiencing the remarkable physical and mental benefits of nasal breathing.

She’s also built a life and a lifelong business by connecting body and mind—and living that truth every day. She’s going to inspire you to do the same.

“At one point, we all have to look at our lives and just see how we’re living them,” Kathy says. “If you honestly don’t have enough time to take care of yourself and put yourself on your to-do list at all, then maybe it’s time to evaluate the life a little bit.”

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Surprising Longevity Secrets from a Fitness Titan – Kathy Smith with Dave Asprey – #723


Key Notes

  • Walk me through kind of the cycles that you’ve seen and tell me where we are today. – 3:40
  • Think about your fitness, it’s cardio, it’s strength and it’s stretching mind-body balance  – 6:04
  • What’s your excuse for not taking better care of yourself?  – 7:23
  • But at one point, we all have to look at our lives and just see how we’re living them. – 10:28
  • I didn’t want to rest. I want to get more rest and less time because I actually have stuff I like to do. – 13:59
  • That energization exercise which is something from a meditation technique that I learned through self-realization called the Kriyaban  – 20:40
  • Do something that pulls your shoulders back every single morning at least four times a day  – 21:20
  • Literally at your desk every day, take that break getting up and pushing with a high knees, in and out, jumping jacks, couple of pushups.  – 31:31
  • I started with the BOLT test which is basically you inhale maybe at four or five count, you exhale, hold it how many seconds without gasping for air, can you hold it  – 36:03
  • The carbon dioxide determines also how much oxygen is going to get into the blood cell, into the cells, into the bloodstream and into your cells  – 38:12
  • Nose breathing vs mouth breathing  – 40:04
  • I do something on my speeches it’s called BLT, Breathing Listening Technique  – 48:05
  • Kath’s top three fitness recommendations  – 50:21

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