Break Your Expectations, Get Closer to Your Heart – Kyle Cease #606

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Kyle Cease is a well-known comedian who has two No. 1 Comedy Central specials to his credit.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m interviewing a guy I just met at the Consumer Health Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kyle Cease is a well-known comedian who has two No. 1 Comedy Central specials to his credit. He’s also a “New York Times” best-selling author of “I Hope I Screw This Up” and a transformational speaker who helps people release anxiety and fear on stage.

Kyle comes from an extended family of entertainers. He started asking to do stand-up routines for his classmates in second grade. By 18, he was on a wild ride more than 250 nights a year headlining comedy shows. He did this for years at the expense of his physical and mental health. A bout of pneumonia took him down after a particularly brutal touring schedule; he developed crippling stage fright out of nowhere; and he was disparaged by the comedian community of which he’d been such an integral part. After that, he reassessed everything about himself and the life he’d been living.

I did not know who Kyle was until I met him at the summit. I sat next to him at dinner and thought “This guy has an amazing brain where we can talk about humor, and we can talk about how that turns into letting people really talk about what’s going on.”

His wit is sharp, and his improv is hands-down amazing. Prepared remarks? Nah. Bullet points on a presentation? Nope. He’s the master of riffing and creative flow in the moment. And while he may be spontaneous, he’s deeply grounded in self-awareness. He believes strongly and says so. So instead of jokes, he shares insights about our all-so-common human condition during our interview. (As well as his foray into raw veganism and tuning into his body vibrations.) Here are some of his zingers:

  • Happiness: “I find that one illusion that every human is in, is the illusion of when something happens, I’ll be happy.”
  • Expectations: “I have a belief that no one can break your heart, but they can break your expectations.”
  • Creativity: “I believe if you’re not continually creating, your mind will creatively sabotage you.”
  • Life: “A lot of us spend a lot of our life trying to protect a life that we’re not living.”

You’re going to learn a lot today from this interview because Kyle uses humour in a way that gets way underneath what’s really going on with you.

Enjoy the show!

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Break Your Expectations, Get Closer to Your Heart – Kyle Cease #606


Twitter: @kylecease
Instagram: @evolvingoutloud
Book: “I Hope I Screw This Up: How Falling In Love with Your Fears Can Change the World
Book: “The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You from Receiving It

Key Notes

  • Every moment we have a decision to make that we can feel in our body 00:05:35
  • How Kyle deals with hecklers 00:28:35
  • When stage fright would become an issue 00:38:50
  • The highest asset we have is connecting to this moment 00:45:35
  • What we link our fear of death to 00:46:20
  • Spending time protecting a life that we are not living 00:47:50
  • If we were born into the world with exactly these bodies 00:48:50
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • Kyle’s experience with being a raw vegan 00:03:40
  • The sunken cost fallacy 00:08:20
  • How we sabotage our own abundance 00:09:40
  • What anxiety is and how to fix it 00:22:50
  • Being triggered 00:26:10
  • How to turn off bad feelings 00:40:45
  • Why high achievers have trouble with emotions 00:44:30
  • “What else feels heavy in my life?“ 00:53:40

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