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1116. The Equinox Effect: Innovating Fitness

Lavinia Errico, co-founder of Equinox, shares advice for entrepreneurs and women in business, her wellness rituals, and how to find joy in movement.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

This episode is a deep dive into the heart of modern fitness, led by one of its most influential figures. Joining me today is Lavinia Errico, the visionary co-founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs. Lavinia isn’t just a pioneer in the fitness industry, she’s a passionate advocate for a life that’s healthier, more fulfilled, balanced, and brimming with joy.

She’s dedicated to helping others achieve these same goals, inspiring people to delve into self-awareness and embrace transformative journeys. With her belief in enjoying the journey and embracing the process, Lavinia has shaped not just her own life but the lives of countless others towards seeing, feeling, and living remarkable results.

Today, you’ll hear about how Lavinia’s career in fitness and biohacking began with the birth of the modern fitness movement and Equinox as she shares challenges and triumphs of starting a fitness revolution in 1980s New York. You’ll also learn about the unique ethos that set Equinox apart and how building a business with family shaped its upward trajectory.

This conversation is threaded with insight into the life of an entrepreneur, the realities of being a CEO, and how Lavinia intuitively balanced her professional journey with motherhood. Lastly, you’ll get a taste of Lavinia’s wellness rituals, her philosophy as a lifelong learner, and her exciting new chapter with MOVEJOY, aimed at creating a more stress-free, joyous workout experience for everyone.

"The truth is, we were incredibly clear about our principles and values, which influenced everyone around us to embrace the same energy."

Lavinia Errico


Laying the Foundation for Equinox

  • What gyms were like in New York in the 1980s
  • The success of opening up their first gym
  • What made Equinox different from other gyms from the beginning
  • Dynamics of building a business with siblings


Finding the Joy of Movement

  • Figuring out what classes inspire you to find joy in movement
  • Driving the fusion of different workout styles
  • Building community as the superpower of Equinox


Advice for Women in Business

  • Lessons learned from scaling her business
  • Most important advice for her younger self
  • Navigating motherhood and running a business


The Honest Cost of Being an Entrepreneur & CEO

  • How daunting the role of CEO can be—it’s not for everyone


Wellness Rituals & Being a Student of Life

  • What led her to start the Wellness Center at Equinox
  • Modalities and rituals Lavinia uses for overall wellness
  • The antidote to feeling stale or stuck


 Introducing: MOVEJOY

  • The power of breathwork
  • Creating a workout for people who want to reduce stress/anxiety
  • Website: movejoy.life


Shifting the Why Behind Movement

Enjoy the show!


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