Mushrooms Are Your New Anti-Aging Strategy – Life Cykel #603

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Julian Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of the Australian-based company Life Cykel who, along with his team, are doing amazing work with mushrooms as innovative food sources and medicinals in Australia.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re going to talk about mushrooms, but not the magic kind. We’re going to talk about the other kind of mushrooms. The kind that has medicinal value, the kind that, depending on which species you use, can do almost anything a lot of the big pharmaceutical drugs can do,as well as things that are really important for our soil, for our food supply, and things like that.

Your cells, mitochondria, immune system, sleep patterns, inflammation, nerve growth pattern, and energy levels all benefit from mushrooms. These fungi are full of compounds and nutrients that your body will love. There’s a whole lot of science behind this now.

Julian Mitchell—co-founder and CEO of the Australian-based company Life Cykel—and his team are doing amazing work with mushrooms as innovative food sources and medicinals in Australia.

For day-to-day use, you’ll definitely want to go with cooked, not raw mushrooms. For those of you who aren’t fans of actually eating mushrooms, there’s an option for you, too: “Having it as a tincture makes it very easy to add to a coffee, add to a tea, add to a smoothie,” Julian says. “It’s quite tasteless and at the same time micro-dosing it in small amounts straight into your mouth is a great way to have it as well and absorb it straight into your blood system.”

You’ll also learn about the naturally (sweet!) ingredient infused into the Life Cykel tinctures and powders. It’s a native Australian fruit rich in antioxidants and antiviral properties that amplifies the benefits of the mushrooms.

And for those of you who are chasing sleep, I found nothing else that increased my REM sleep as much as the specific extracts of one species, which I’ll tell you about during the show.

Mushrooms are having a moment—and likely many more. Here’s what Julian says:

  • “Mushrooms and mushroom-based foods are going to play a huge role in the future of food. They grow quickly requiring very little resources in terms of water, power, and land. They have an amazing nutritional profile, and of course, they are 100% natural.”
  • “The more we look to the natural world for solutions, the better off we’re going to be and so, mushrooms and the fungi kingdom are hugely important to our evolution.”
  • “Mushrooms are almost an uncharted continent, with infinite applications not just in food but in biotechnology.”

It’s going to be a fascinating episode. You’re going to find some things you didn’t know about some of the mushrooms you already eat. As well as some of the mushrooms you probably should be eating but aren’t. And I’m also going to ask the hard questions about why mushrooms suck.

Enjoy the show!

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Mushrooms Are Your New Anti-Aging Strategy – Life Cykel #603


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Key Notes

  • Candida and mushrooms 00:11:20
  • Are there fatty mushrooms? 00:21:25
  • Butter mushrooms? 00:21:55
  • What is a tincture? 00:22:55
  • The best way to cook mushrooms 00:43:00
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • The future diverse foods (like mushrooms, algae, cultured, real food) 00:05:20
  • How do we know all these mushrooms are actually good for us? 00:09:30
  • How Julian got started working on mushrooms 00:16:05
  • What is a Kakadu plum? 00:22:40
  • What happens when people eat oyster mushrooms? 00:24:40
  • The benefits of Chaga Mushrooms 00:31:00
  • Using fungi for more than just food 00:45:15

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