Listen To The Force: Upgrade Your Life – John Amaral #462

Plug yourself in! John Amaral  is a chiropractor, speaker and educator who works behind-the-scenes helping celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes and influencers elevate their energy, helping them feel and perform their best. In this episode you will learn how to tap into your own ability to sense and create energy and how it will help you to reach your full potential.

Plus, Dave is electrically hacking his brain like a Russian Astronaut during the entire episode, see if you you can tell!

Enjoy the show!

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Listen To The Force: Upgrade Your Life – John Amaral #462

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John’s Website

Body Centered Leadership 

Show Notes

  • On how Dave met John and experienced “energy work.”
  • Who John works on and what it does for them.
  • Why John says everything in the body is based on tones and vibrations.
  • John on how energy flows into us and out of us into the environment.
  • Working with the tone of the nervous system.
  • John’s passion of being “one with your body and being in sync with the universe.”
  • Dave’s experience with working with John.
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