Viruses: The Ultimate Gene Therapy Machines – Liz Parrish – #682

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You can increase muscle mass, change your mitochondria, and reverse the hallmarks of aging with gene therapy.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is known as “the woman who wants to genetically engineer you,” and a leading voice for genetic cures.

Liz Parrish founded and serves as CEO of BioViva Sciences USA Inc., a bioinformatics company actively working to extend healthy lifespans using gene therapy. It’s looking specifically at how gene therapy works in humans and how regenerative genes work in human bodies. Its partner company, Integrative Health Systems, helps people get access to these technologies today.

A strong champion of progress and education for the advancement of gene therapy, Liz firmly supports our right and our ability to hack our own DNA.

And she definitely walks her talk: In 2015 she became the first person in the world to take dual gene therapies to treat aging. One of the ways was to use adeno-associated virus, called AAV.  “AAV doesn’t essentially do what old gene therapy does,” she explains. “So, you don’t get sick when you take it, because if you get sick then you’re going to not uptake the genes. … And viruses are still the best gene delivery method there is. They get genes into the nucleus.”

“Remember, these viruses are modifying you every year,” Liz says. “You get viruses and influenzas and things like that and they all do their little dance. We’re just making them do a dance that only up-regulates therapeutic genes.”

From increased muscle mass to mitochondria, and from clinical trials to affordability, our conversation about gene therapy takes you into new territory. Listen on to learn more about Liz’s personal experience, her longevity work, and how you can shape your own genes.

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Viruses- The Ultimate Gene Therapy Machines – Liz Parrish – #682

YouTube: BioViva Sciences
Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally

Key Notes

  • Getting technology to people in a meaningful way – 7:42
  • When treating biological aging you’re treating the biggest unmet need on the planet – 8:13
  • Gap between researchers and doctors – 9:10
  • Issues with being unlicensed biohackers – 13:04
  • Human trials of drugs – 14:10
  • Challenges with trying new treatments – 17:28
  • What gene therapy have you done? – 18:30
  • What is gene therapy? – 20:03
  • Percentage of human genes that are viral in origin – 22:35
  • Follistatin gene therapy – 25:51
  • Organizing trials and studies – 28:34
  • Biological basis of envy, evolution of technology – 32:32
  • Telomerase induction – 33:48
  • PGC1 Alpha (Gene) – 36:45
  • Do some people have specific genetic superiority? Do they have downsides? – 42:08
  • What are the top abilities you want to hack? – 44:35
  • External technologies incorporated biologically – 45:32
  • Gene therapy club – 46:48
  • How increasing the biological age limit can have an effect on the world – 51:16
  • What we want for the human of the future – 54:50
  • Free gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease- 56:10
  • Klotho gene study – 57:24

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