EP 1108

1108. Navigating the Quantum Field: Healing & Connection

Lynne McTaggart shares how The Power of Eight and quantum field therapy can promote healing and connection around the world.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Hey there, fellow explorers of the extraordinary, and welcome to another mind-expanding episode of The Human Upgrade. Today, we delve once again into the fascinating realm of quantum field therapy and the power of intention with the remarkable Lynne McTaggart. You’re in for a treat as we take the next step in our exploration on these groundbreaking concepts.

Today’s episode delves deeper into the captivating world of quantum field therapy and the power of intention, featuring the renowned Lynne McTaggart. Lynne, known for her books “The Power of Eight,” and “The Field” offers groundbreaking insights into the profound impact of group intention.

The discussion unravels the significance of the number 8, explores the mechanics behind Lynne’s intention experiments, and examines the profound effects of healing and connection on our being. The conversation extends to the transformative power of expanding connection beyond the individual, the latest scientific developments supporting Lynne’s theories, and the exciting potential of new technologies in quantum healing.

The episode covers the role of intention in healing polarized communities and intriguing phenomena, such as The Simpsons’ seemingly magical foresight.

Get ready for a thought-provoking journey with Lynne McTaggart that promises to expand horizons, challenge beliefs, and inspire exploration into the uncharted territories of consciousness and intention.

“We are vibrating energy. We are all part of this field. That indicates that, at some level, we are all connected.”

Lynne McTaggart


What Is Quantum Field Therapy?

  • Lynne gives us the basics


The Power of Eight


Inside The Power of Eight Experiments

  • What’s great about the number 8?
  • Lynne’s documentation process for her intention experiments
  • What she learned about studying the most violent place in America


How Healing & Connection Bring About States of Oneness

  • Alchemy that creates healing
  • What happens when humans are isolated or lack connection?
  • The need to belong as humans and evidence for altruism increasing longevity
  • How joining groups can increase longevity and foster healing
  • Advice for joining or creating Power of Eight groups


What Happens When You Expand the Group Beyond Eight

  • Results from experimenting the power of intention with different size groups
  • Proving the psychic internet created by group intention despite physical distance


Evolving Our Understanding with the Latest Science


How New Modalities Support Lynne’s Findings

  • Measuring brain waves with new technology: SPECT, EEG, QEEGs, etc
  • Explaining the activity of brain wave signatures and the resonance effect


Lynne’s Measurement of Success: Stories of Real World Impact

  • The impact of sending vs. receiving intention


Joining a Power of Eight Group or Intention Experiment

  • How volunteers are selected for experiments
  • The beauty in being in a randomized group from people all over the world
  • Be a part of The Power of Eight group: lynnemctaggart.com
  • How they create a safe container


Healing Polarized Communities Using Altruistic Intention

  • Results from an experiment using members from countries at war to minimize violence
  • Data about the vagus nerve and altruistic intention
  • How to create a feeling of peace and safety


What Technologies Can Push the Boundaries Further?

  • The potential effectiveness of various products on quantum healing
  • Acknowledging the skeptics and being willing to be open to new ideas


How Did The Simpsons Magically Predict The Future?

  • What The Simpsons has predicted and Dave’s theory on why
  • Evidence from Lynne’s time travel with intention work

Enjoy the show!


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