EP 1155

1155. Rethinking Cancer: Inflammation, Infections, and Mitochondrial Insights

Discover a fresh take on cancer theories with Mark Lintern, a citizen scientist whose unique perspective offers new hope in understanding and potentially treating cancer. 

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today’s episode focuses on Cancer with a true expert, Mark Lintern. You’ll learn about the surprising links between infections, inflammation, and our body’s powerhouses – the mitochondria. This is a chance to arm yourself with cutting-edge theories that could change the way we treat cancer. Simple changes in treatment perspectives might be the key to unlocking new ways to tackle cancer and by the end of this episode, you’ll have a fresh arsenal of knowledge to rethink cancer’s causes and solutions. This is an eye-opening discussion that promises to transform the way we approach this formidable disease. 


"By challenging traditional views, we open the door to potentially life-saving discoveries."


(00:00:01) Introduction to the episode 

(00:03:15) The roots of cancer: Mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, and pathogen persistence  

(00:04:42) Deep diving into the intricacies of cancer and its existing theories 

  • Delving beyond genetic mutations for cancer causes 
  • Dissecting the Warburg effect’s implications 

(00:06:45) The drive behind understanding cancer theory and its implications for treatment 

  • The quest for a theory that addresses all cancer features 
  • The relationship between theory and treatment development 

(00:09:40) A deep dive into the Warburg effect 

  • Understanding cancer’s metabolic peculiarities 
  • The switch from aerobic to anaerobic cellular metabolism 

(00:13:23) Introducing new perspectives on cancer theories 

  • Questioning the origin of the Warburg effect 
  • The cellular intelligence within cancer’s development 

(00:17:09) The role of mitochondria as environmental sensors and compute nodes 

  • Mitochondria’s influence on cellular decision-making 
  • How mitochondria’s functions extend beyond energy production 

(00:23:05) Pathogens as potential causes of the Warburg effect in cancer 

  • The link between pathogens and sustained Warburg effect 
  • The role of pathogens in cancer proliferation 

(00:27:18) The connection between pathogens and chronic diseases 

  • The correlation between fungal toxins and chronic illness 
  • How pathogens may underlie various health conditions 

(00:32:50) Antifungal treatments and cancer reduction 

  • The promising impact of antifungal drugs on tumor reduction 
  • The significance of addressing fungal infections in cancer treatment 

(00:37:37) Addressing chronic inflammation and fungal infections 

  • The critical importance of managing chronic inflammation 
  • Strategies for combating persistent fungal infections 

(00:45:57) Excess environmental estrogen and cancer 

  • The dangers of environmental estrogens 
  • Mitigating the risk of hormone-related cancers 

(00:49:17) Metabolic treatments in cancer therapy 

  • The dual role of Metformin in blood glucose regulation and antifungal activity 
  • A comprehensive approach to metabolic cancer treatment 

(00:50:01) Final thoughts and reflections 

  • Summarizing the insightful discussion on cancer theories 
  • Encouraging a holistic view of cancer treatment strategies 



Enjoy the show!


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