Ozone Therapy: Your New Favorite Biohack– Micah Lowe with Dave Asprey – #858

Try ozone therapy for immune system support, athletic recovery, wound and skin care, pain relief, increasing energy and decreasing brain fog.

Micah Lowe loves all things ozone. So much so that his nickname is the “Ozonaut.”

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’ll find out how ozone therapy improves your body’s intake and use of oxygen and activates your immune system. Micah’s company, Simply 03, develops equipment for people to conduct affordable ozone therapy from their own homes.

“So, there’s a whole world of ozone that you can dive into,” Micah says. “There’s ozone for municipalities. There’sozone for wine making. There’s ozone for pools. There’s ozone for hot tubs. There’s ozone for aquariums, and then there’s medical ozone. They’re all different.

You may think ozone is a pollutant, but, in fact, it’s a really strong oxidant that alters your body at a cellular level and helps your mitochondria make more antioxidants. Ozone stimulates growth factors and increases oxygen metabolism. This in turn increases energy and stamina and reduces brain fog.

“Ozone is actually similar to exercise in that it signals a pathway called the NRF2 pathway, where it’s actually good for you,” Micah explains. “So, this can be good in terms of athletic performance because it’ll help people to recover faster. It’ll help them to diminish the effects of those workouts that are really tough.”

The other side of the ozone equation involves oxygen efficiency. Oxygen efficiency is important for being able to maintain higher levels of cognitive performance and for athletic performance, Micah says. “It’s just a fundamental aspect of our lives that we all need.”

Simply O3 manufactures high-quality ozone generators, ozone kits, ozone skincare, and accessories. Since there are many kinds of ozone therapy, we cut right to the chase about how Simply 03 works, what makes it special and how to balance it with the rest of your body care and plan for your health.

There’s a cosmetic side to ozone, too. Micah co-founded the ozone cosmetic skin care company, Honest O3, with his brother. The company specializes in manufacturing and selling oxygen-rich cosmetics, such as creams and gels.

You’re going to get a lot out of this episode’s deep dive into the many benefits of ozone therapy.

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Ozone Therapy- Your Favorite New Biohack– Micah Lowe with Dave Asprey – #858


Simply03 Websitesimplyo3.com
Drs Ozone Website: drsozone.com
HonestO3 Website: honesto3.comhonesto3.com

Key Notes

      • How did family get into ozone therapy? – 1:44
      • Why does someone with Type 2 Diabetes get stuck on medications for life? – 4:01
      • What have you done to make ozone more accessible? – 6:10
      • Common at home ozone therapies – 7:43
      • Effects on major diseases/various benefits – 9:41
      • Different forms of ozone – 12:08
      • Oxygen tanks – 14:05
      • Difficulty in accessing oxygen – 16:17
      • How important is it to know the concentration of ozone you’re getting? – 18:43
      • Looking for ozone doctors, website: map.drsozone.com – list of doctors – 21:13
      • Enhancing athletic and cognitive performance – 21:59
      • Oxygen efficiency – 25:13
      • Right protocol for ozone use, before/after? – 26:33
      • Best concentration of ozone to use? – 29:53
      • How frequently can it be done? – 32:03
      • Herks-Heimers reactions and what to do about it – 34:16
      • Maximum ozone that can be used? And community resource education website – drsozone.com/bulletproof – 36:21
      • Topical ozone, how strong of ozone can you use? – 37:43
      • Other medical ozone uses – 38:33
      •  Cosmetic and anti-aging ozone uses – 41:09
      • Ozone dentistry – 45:09
      • What ozone can do – 45:59
      • micha@drsozone.com


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