EP 1112

1112. Beyond the Bedroom: Hacking Your Erotic Blueprint

Identify and embrace your pleasure blueprint with Jaiya, a somatic sexologist and creator of The Erotic Blueprints® Framework. We dive into Jaiya’s fascinating research to understand what people truly desire, and need, in their intimate relationships—without taboos or judgment.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Dive into a captivating exploration of human biology and connection—erotic blueprints. Discover four primal drivers: fear, food, friends, and fertility, with a unique focus on fertility in this episode.

Miss Jaiya, a leader in somatic sexology, sheds light on the intimate realm of human relationships and pleasure. As an award-winning somatic sexologist and creator of The Erotic Blueprints® Framework, Jaiya dedicates her expertise to helping people understand their unique erotic blueprints and their impact on intimate lives. Her latest book, “Your Blueprint for Pleasure,” offers invaluable insights into a revolutionary language for bedroom communication and sexual vitality.

This episode delves into the concept of erotic blueprints, Jaiya’s research, and the unique paths to turn-on and blissful gratification for each individual. This conversation aims to understand people’s true desires and needs in intimate relationships, free from taboos or judgment.

Highlighting that sex and intimacy are vital for well-being, just like food and breathing, this discussion includes personal experiences and emphasizes the importance of vulnerability. Learn how understanding your erotic blueprint can enhance connections and satisfaction in the bedroom.

Whether seeking to enrich intimate life or deepen understanding of human biology and connection, this episode offers valuable insights for everyone.

“Sex is the final frontier for a lot of people, because it's the one place we don't want to look.”



Reconciling Spirituality & Sexuality: Jaiya’s Sexual Empowerment Journey

  • Find Your Erotic Blueprint Type: blueprintbreakthrough.com
  • The difference between a sex therapist and somatic sexologist
  • Discovering the 5 erotic types through her work


Why Sex Is the New Frontier of Personal Growth & Biohacking

  • The risk and rewards of exploring fast track paths to personal growth


Jaiya’s Wildest Energetically Erotic Experience


Conscious Kink & Blending Psychedelics with Sexuality

  • The possibilities of advanced tantric experiences
  • Blending psychedelics with sexuality
  • Embracing the freedom of surrendering to vulnerability


Your Pleasure Blueprint: Defining the 5 Erotic Types


Discovering the Erotic Blueprint Through Her Own Relationship


Addressing the Intimacy Issue in Our World & Sending Love Through the Field


Confronting the Taboo of Pleasure


Mastering Energetic Sexuality & Orgasms


Risks in Using Psychedelics for Creation Energy


The Dark Side of Spiritual Ecstatic Altered States & How to Protect Your Field

  • The difference between Aghori and satanic practices
  • Lessons in the polarity of lightness and darkness
  • Read: Your Blueprint For Pleasure

Enjoy the show!


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