How to Get Fitter Cells, Stronger Muscles and a Longer Life – Timeline Nutrition with Dave Asprey – #772

Find out how Urolithin A stimulates mitophagy, renews mitochondria, and can improve your muscle strength and lifespan.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’ve invited two experts who know a lot about plants and how plants interact with our cell biology. We discuss the exciting new discovery of a molecule called Urolithin A that’s a breakthrough in mitochondrial health. Urolithin A promotes mitochondrial function, muscle strength and longevity.

Navindra Seeram, Ph.D., is professor and chair of the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Rhode Island and is one of the most highly cited scientists in Agricultural Sciences.

With a background in cell and molecular biology, biomedical engineering and engineering, Chris Rinsch, Ph.D., has been immersed in the biotech and life sciences industry for more than two decades.

Our conversation centers on Mitopure™, the first clinically tested form of Urolithin A available through Timeline Nutrition.

One of the most important things Urolithin A does is revitalize the energy factories inside our cells. Each of our cells contain mitochondria, and the cell has an innate process of cleaning up the damaged mitochondria and recycling them. This process is called mitophagy. Urolithin A supports cellular health by stimulating mitophagy to keep cells fit and running efficiently.

“It’s really important to keep your mitochondria at its peak performance,” Chris says, “no matter what your general health conditions are.”

Urolithin A is generated by the gut microflora as a natural food metabolite of ellagitannins, a class of compounds found in the pomegranate and other fruits, nuts and tea. Their studies have shown some pretty amazing results.

“We saw that when we started incubating and feeding worms with Urolithin A they were increasing their lifespan by about 50 percent,” Chris says. “And when the studies moved to mice, they ran 40 percent further and longer after taking the Urolithin A.”

Listen on to find out more about how Urolithin A is such a breakthrough for mitochondrial health and how it’s a game changer for cellular nutrition.

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How to Get Fitter Cells, Stronger Muscles and a Longer Life – Timeline Nutrition with Dave Asprey – #772


Timeline Nutrition:

Key Notes

  • In botanical, the underpinnings of botanical medicines and understanding plants and phytonutrients is that whole matrix effect. – 4:35
  • Sometimes we’re extracting, we’re doing cooking to maybe, again, as you just said removing or maybe increasing, fortifying, increasing that bioactive constituents or group that we would want.  – 7:59
  • A lot of the plants that contain polyphenols have stupid amounts of sugar, or other toxins that I don’t really want to get in large doses in order to get the polyphenols. – 10:27
  • A green tea from India is going to be different from green tea maybe of the same species or sub variety, or whatever it is from California. So, how are you going to ensure that you’re getting that perfect quantity, or that number of polyphenols. – 12:50
  • Polyphenols are probably the most abundant and ubiquitous phytonutrients, and in the pomegranate the class of polyphenols which are most abundant are known as ellagitannins. – 16:56
  • I may be a converter, or a responder, or someone who is able to produce because of my microflora urolithins from ellagic acid, but you are not. – 19:47
  • You guys partnered around this idea of urolithin A, which you can’t get in pomegranate, but you might get if you ate a lot of pomegranate, if you have the right gut bacteria, and isolated this compound. – 22:13
  • We saw was that when we started incubating and feeding these worms with urolithin A, they were increasing their lifespan by about 50%.  – 24:31
  • The first study that we did in humans was a single ascending dose and a multiple ascending dose study with urolithin A. And we did that, the multiple ascending dose, we studied the effects over a month. And what we saw was an impact directly on the mitochondrial function in the skeletal muscle tissue. – 28:07
  • Each of our cells that are containing mitochondria, they have an innate process of cleaning up the damaged mitochondria and recycling them, and this process is called mitophagy. – 29:55
  • Why can’t I just take a urolithin A capsule? Why do I need a powder? – 32:37
  • People were taking a Timeline on a daily basis over a period of four months at 500 milligrams. And what we saw was an improvement in leg muscle strength after that four month period. – 34″31
  • We saw was that there was about a six fold higher level of urolithin A looking at this area under the curve for that first 24 hours when you take one sachet of Timeline versus one eight ounce glass of pomegranate juice. – 37:57
  • Urolithin A is really optimizing the actual function of your mitochondria where the L-Carnitine is more helping the processing, and the functioning in general of the mitochondria. – 42:18
  • It’s really important to keep your mitochondria at its peak performance, no matter what your general health conditions are. – 44:44
  • We’re in the process of getting the NSF certification, and we’ll have that this next year. – 46:16
  • Are people going to see an immediate energy boost from this if they have mitochondrial problems? – 48:05
  • Last year, we partnered up with Nestle Health Science, which is one of the leaders globally in nutrition. And so, we are conducting new studies together to analyze different pathways and different mechanisms of actions and benefits that we can bring people. – 50:18
  • For people listening to the show. and you can get 10% off if you use code Dave 10. – 51:10
  • You need to have a mixture of the right foods, but also having that right gut microflora to be able to extract those, the benefits from these compounds that are found in the foods we’re eating. 56:24

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