Glow From The Inside Out: Autophagy and Women – Naomi Whittel #477

Autophagy! Ever heard of it? The first time Naomi Whittel heard the word and what it meant, it changed her life.

She has spent years researching how to create cell turnover in the body. Inside and out.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave Asprey and Naomi discuss everything from how to have glowing skin, to how many orgasms a woman should have in a year to really see the benefit!

Plus Dave is quite excited on some of the topics covered in Naomi’s new book, Glow15.

Enjoy the show!

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Glow From The Inside Out: Autophagy and Women – Naomi Whittel #477

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  • Dave and Naomi on how much they sleep.
  • “Okay, this sucks. I’m a reflection of what’s going on on the outside of my body.” Naomi on her skin as a young woman.
  • “I’m going to, I’ll take whenever, I’ll take steroids, I’ll do whatever,” and I went to my first conventional doctor and it somewhat suppressed the eczema, but ultimately in my 20s I was able to reduce about 95% of the inflammation through acupuncture and through Chinese herbs.” –Naomi
  • On one of Dave’s favorite words. “What she said to me was, “It activates my autophagy.” That was the first time I heard that word, and that was like four years ago.”
  • Autophagy in the skin.
  • Resveratrol, And the power of it as a polyphenol.
  • What about oxygen and skin?
  • Naomi on fasting. “But it’s fat first and fat most because that’s activating the autophagy. With fat and how it’s so different than protein, which we all know protein can turn into a carb, it can become a sugar. My body does so much better when I am able to burn fat as my fuel instead of sugar as my fuel.”
  • On what Naomi does to take care of herself. “This is something that I want all of you to hear. Here’s a high performing CEO who uses all of these to deal with the stress of being a high performing CEO, and not just to deal with it and hold the line, but actually to move the line back. I do the same kinds of things. I don’t think it’s possible to live a CEO life if you’re not taking control of these variables.” –Dave
  • On how many orgasms a year women should have. “Well you have to have 200 orgasms a year in order to really get the prime benefits of sex. That’s the number.”
  • “I don’t notice that. I don’t wear deodorant. I have to ask the other people in the room. I really, I don’t.” On body odor.
  • On some new things Dave is trying. “That’s the fun of being a Guinea pig and a professional biohacker, is I get to try the stuff before it comes out.”
  • On Fasting.
  • “I think the relationship that we as women have with food and with cravings, and it’s so hard for women because, calorie counting, low-fat, no fat has been the mantra, but to be able to turn that on its head and say, “I’m obsessed with good fat,” embrace it, use it, every single fat first and fat most, it will satiate you, you’ll lose weight, you’ll feel better, it’ll totally change your relationship to food. I mean for me, I’ve been a sugar addict for years, and it wasn’t until I replaced the glucose, the sugar with fat, that my life totally transformed and it did it by activating autophagy.”

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