Resilience Rising with Neil Pasricha – #679

Ways that vulnerability, love, confidence—and even failure—can upgrade your resilience.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking to a guest who thinks, writes, and speaks about intentional living.

Neil Pasricha is known as a top leadership keynote speaker, positive psychology researcher, and international bestselling author of several books, including You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life. He knows all about how to get to awesome and may just have solved the happiness equation. Gratitude is a big part of that.

“You go around the dinner table, everybody has to say a rose from their day, a highlight, a gratitude, it has to be specific,” Neil says. “Some of this is a neurochemical game. I’m trying to get off dopamine. I want to get back to oxytocin here. I want to get back to touch, kissing, hugs, intimacy, love—those are the chemicals I want in my brain.”

Neil’s also going to let you in on some secrets of confidence, vulnerability and love that will upgrade your resilience.

“One way to get out of our heads, to get out of ourselves, and to build up resilience is to inhabit other consciousness,” he says. “I’m an advocate for wandering and the discovery process that cannot be replicated from I believe any algorithm other than the human mind.”

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Resilience Rising with Neil Pasricha – #679

3 Books with Neil Pasricha:
1,000 Awesome Things:
The Institute for Global Happiness:

Key Notes

  • Why focus on resilience itself instead of other aspects of it? – 3:58
  • Statistics on depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicide – 9:38
  • What changed how you were thinking? – 11:45
  • Effects of cellphones on sleep – 16:15
  • Importance of distancing from cellphones, laptops, Internet, etc. – 17:20
  • How to distance from cellphones and then what to do – 21:27
  • Impact of reading books – 25:15
  • Changing how you wake up in the morning – 32:11
  • How to change your story – 36:44
  • Talking with others who have similar experiences – 47:39
  • Intergenerational relationships – 50:26
  • What is your ikigai? – 52:50
  • Reintroducing words to corporations – 55:33

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