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Could you be walking around with a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, and not even know it? Could it be causing depression, or changes in your personality that you can’t explain? Dr. Mark Gordon, interventional endocrinology specialist and Medical Director at the Millennium Warrior Angels Foundation TBI Project, says inflammation is the culprit exacerbating these debilitating symptoms. Especially for U.S. service members and veterans who have sustained a TBI while in the line of duty. Andrew Marr, a Special Forces Green Beret who sustained a head trauma in combat, understands first-hand how damaging TBI symptoms can be. But Mark’s hormone-based treatment protocol profoundly changed Andrew’s life, prompting him to start the Warrior Angels Foundation, which provides personalized care to treat the underlying condition for those who have sustained TBIs. In this fascinating discussion with Dave, Mark and Andrew share intimate stories about their experiences with brain injuries, and how they teamed up to make a difference. Plus, Mark shares his candid viewpoint on PTSD, you’ll learn what to do if you get hit in the head, and most importantly, you’ll get some valuable tips on how to manage inflammation in the brain.

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  • Why you want to listen to today’s entire episode until the end…what you’ll learn
  • Cool Fact of the Day: New promise for traumatic brain injury patients who have lost memory function using electrical stimulation
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  • Dave introduces Mark Gordon, interventional endocrinology specialist and Medical Director at the Millennium Warrior Angels Foundation Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI Project)
  • Dave introduces Andrew Marr, a Special Forces Green Beret who received a TBI in combat. He is the founder of the Warrior Angels Foundation (WAF) and is the co-host to The Warrior Soul Podcast
  • If you want to watch video of this episode, go to
  • Mark explains the definition of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, and how the majority of people respond
  • Why inflammation is the underlying culprit of many debilitating, long-term TBI symptoms
  • How to tell if you are suffering from inflammation…or something else
  • Mark’s opinion on taking DHEA hormone supplements, and why it’s important to get your hormone levels properly checked
  • Andrew shares details of his military background, his injury, his breaking point, how it impacted his family…and the work he did with Mark to treat his TBI
  • Mark explains the types of screenings and tests he does with patients like Andrew to determine each individual’s best course of treatment
  • Andrew describes how he felt after getting his first testosterone shot from Mark, how quickly he saw improvement in his symptoms on the protocol
  • The benefits of testosterone — for both men and women
  • Dave talks about his TBI, and how he received it at Burning Man!
  • Mark mentions “When Brains Collide”, by Dr. Michael Lewis
  • Dave mentions Bulletproof’s Glutathione Force supplement
  • Mark mentions his books, “The Clinical Application of Interventional Endocrinology” and “Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment”
  • What is whiplash? Is it a head or a neck problem?
  • Mark’s controversial opinion on PTSD, and how it’s related to head trauma
  • Dave explains what the EMDR form of therapy is
  • Mark explains how many treatment modalities for inflammation have benefits, but the fundamental foundation of the hormones in the brain has to be correct
  • Mark discusses the importance of gut health and taking probiotics
  • The effects of toxic mold + Dave mentions his Moldy documentary
  • Dental fillings and their toxicity
  • Aluminum, zinc and their impact on Alzheimer’s disease and brain health
  • Andrew talks about the nutrition, wellness and lifestyle practices common in the military, and how those contribute to TBI symptoms
  • Dave asks about mild ketosis, are there benefits? Mark explains…
  • Andrew’s most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • Andrew mentions his book, “Tales from the Blast Factory”
  • Mark’s most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • Mark mentions his website,
  • Find out more and support the Warrior Angels Foundation at
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