You Are Enough! Find Your Authentic State with Panache Desai and Dave Asprey – #692

Follow five commitments to achieve your own natural state of inner peace and calm.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m welcoming a guest with a unique power of insight and a gift of energetic transformation. Panache Desai helps people to “be enough” and break free from suffering and limitation on every level. He helps foster a deeper understanding of who they are, and guides them into greater states of connection, collaboration, and love.

“When you’re authentically being yourself, you are peaceful,” he says. “When you’re tapped into that enlightened consciousness that you are, you are peaceful. This is how you know you are connected to you.”

He’s has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on her wildly popular SuperSoul Sunday show. He’s also collaborated alongside Deepak Chopra, and steps in for Rev. Michael Beckwith at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

In his new book, You Are Enough: Revealing the Soul to Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility, he offers a persuasive and powerful approach to meet the challenges of the modern moment and heal the fractured self it produces.

“If we’re not feeling like we’re enough, we’re sending all of those signals through the body,” Panache says. “We’re creating a biology of not being enough, and then we’re creating a reality of not being enough. And so, the fundamental shift that we have to go through is building from a foundation of being enough because there’s a superpower that we tap into from that place.”

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You Are Enough! Find Your Authentic State with Panache Desai and Dave Asprey – #692

Book: You Are Enough

Key Notes

  • People who are outwardly materialistically driven have this false notion that’s based in fear, lack, and scarcity or pain that more is better. – 3:51
  • Is there another level beyond being enough? – 7:09
  • Peace is the foundation of who we are. – 9:55
  • Pain fundamentally distorts our world view. – 11:35
  • I decided I want to feel like I’m enough.” What’s step one? – 14:43
  • Everything else above and beyond that is dissonant to who we authentically are. – 17:28
  • How do you identify that feeling of peace for the first time? – 20:22
  • I was experiencing things happening around me that I couldn’t explain. – 23:45
  • Oprah asked me to define God, I couldn’t, because any definition that we put on infinity inherently becomes a limitation. – 27:31
  • Right now, you have the potential and the opportunity to come out of this stronger than you ever have before. – 32:38
  • Remember that a conspiracy theory is called a conspiracy theory for a reason. – 34:44
  • There’s not a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the room that’s going to eat me. – 36:50
  • This as an opportunity to fundamentally overhaul how they’re living. I mean, it really is waking people up. – 39:58
  • There’s so much debate about what a soul is. So, how do you use the word? And why do you use it the way you use it? – 42:32
  • We’re very linear in our relationship with time. But for me, my relationship with time is more multi-dimensional – 46:37
  • What’s the trick to help people see, all right, they’re not you. But maybe they’re more than they think? – 52:33
  • Committing to a new past, what that means is having the courage to free ourselves of these impressions. – 56:26
  • Embrace unlimited possibilities. – 1:05:39

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