How to Build a Better Brain, Brand & Business

Patrick Schwarzenegger

For entrepreneurs, it’s mission, not magic. Know your why and be willing to do anything to spread your mission to others.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll get tips about how to lead a brain-healthy lifestyle and how to keep perspective along your own entrepreneurial journey.

Activism, acting and entrepreneurship are wired into Patrick Schwarzenegger’s DNA. He thoughtfully balances each passion through his work as an Alzheimer’s advocate, actor, investor and food founder.

Patrick’s known for his trend-spotting abilities in the better-for-you food and beverage industry. He got into the fast-casual Blaze Pizza franchise when he was just a teen. That experience solidified his interest in health and wellness: “invest solely into entrepreneurs and companies that were providing Americans with the healthier alternative.” He’s now an active investor and advisor to numerous brands and helps founders scale their emerging businesses to the next level.

His latest venture encourages brain health at every age and supports programs, research, and lifestyle choices designed to make your brain work better. Patrick co-founded a new brain health food brand called “MOSH” with his mom, Maria Shriver, designed specifically to up-level your brain function.

“We really want it to be a brand that was created out of a mission and out of the why, and not so much the what,” Patrick says. … “We want to be a brain health company and also educate consumers and raise money and donate that to the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. So, it’s been an amazing journey.”

“It's only a failure if you do that same thing again, or if you don't learn from it and fix it and grow from there.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger

A journey with its share of mishaps, too: “We had so many things that went wrong and that was kind of the fun part was learning about that and finding ways to fix it. That’s wanting to be an entrepreneur or that’s embarking on that journey, you’re going to have speed bumps. You can do as much homework as you can and want and try to perfect everything before you launch, but things come out of left field every single day.”

He’s on the show to discuss entrepreneurship, how to invest, how to build brands, how to hire the right people and what’s possible for high-functioning brains at every age.

“I just always really do want to learn,” Patrick says. “There’s people out there that are way smarter than me, way better at business to me, way more intellectual, that are way more in shape, way more everything. Success leaves clues. I would much rather go and learn things from people that have been there, that have accomplished, and that could help me than not.”

More About Patrick Schwarzenegger: Patrick graduated from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business plus minored in Cinematic Arts. He’s a film actor, model and entrepreneur. He’s the son of Maria Shriver, (award-winning journalist, seven-time New York Times best-selling author, NBC News Special Anchor and the founder of The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and Shriver Media) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (former bodybuilder, actor and California governor).

Enjoy the show!

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  • I went in and learned about this business. Learned about the food business, learned about ingredient sourcing learned about business operations, operations management, actually franchising, opening a store and I got hooked on it.  – 4:01
  • So how do you manage your time between that? So are you CEO of MOSH? What’s the setup there?  – 7:47
  • People are learning from people like you or on YouTube. How do I start a business? What are the first steps? It’s amazing that we pay 30, 40, 50 plus thousand dollars a year to a college. – 11:05
  • We don’t want to be a protein bar company. We want to be a brain health company and similar to what you did, how do we do that through bars or how do we do that through nut mixes or hydration powders, or morning routines, or nighttime sleep aids or supplements.  – 20:20
  • We have the different vitamins and functional mushrooms, like the Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, Vitamin B-12, D3. – 22:43
  • What are the differences between being a franchise owner, operator and being CPG entrepreneur?  – 28:04
  • My dad. I mean he came to America with no money to his name and someone had to pay for his ticket out here and he became extremely successful because he didn’t have a safety net.  – 36:01
  • If we didn’t turn off the lights, my dad would unscrew the light bulbs and we wouldn’t have electricity for our rooms. If we didn’t make our bed, he would throw the bed over the balcony or take away our covers. – 37:49
  • If we didn’t turn off the lights, my dad would unscrew the light bulbs and we wouldn’t have electricity for our rooms. If we didn’t make our bed, he would throw the bed over the balcony or take away our covers. – 40:40
  • You don’t want to burn out your employees or anybody part of your company because you want them to be motivated and happy and interested in the success and the longevity of their own life, but of the business life.  – 46:02
  • How do you balance relationships versus health, not even counting the career?  – 48:06
  • Had no background in food and beverage. Had no background in entrepreneurialism and entrepreneurship, but just was willing to do the work and that’s really what I look for.  – 52:29
  • So all of them have mission missions and whys behind the company and the entrepreneur behind it is willing to do anything to spread that mission.  – 56:56

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