Your Brain Voltage: Measure It, Raise It, Control It – Paul Sorbo #619

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WAVi is bringing fast and affordable information about brain performance to everyone by assessing brain function and measuring available cognitive resources.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking with Paul Sorbo of WAVi, a company that’s bringing fast and affordable information about brain performance to everyone.

“Giving people a way to measure the way that their brain is aging is so important,” says Paul Sorbo of WAVi. “We look at heart health. We look at blood pressure. We look at colon. Literally, we look at everything. Why are we not measuring the one thing that controls all of it?”

Based in Boulder, Colorado, WAVi has integrated a mass-screening EEG device with a software platform for functional assessment in the field of mild cognitive impairment and dementia. It’s a total all-encompassing brain performance platform that has been steeped in development for nearly a decade. The resulting product is a full FDA-regulated device Class II that can easily measure biomarkers of your brain with detail and precision—in less than 12 minutes.

We discuss WAVi’s latest research from age management to concussion information. They have found that functionality of the brain is different than everything else. I was so intrigued that I had a scan performed and filmed it. Head over to the Bulletproof YouTube channel to see the video.

Listen in to learn how assessing brain function and measuring available cognitive resources is leading to exciting new developments in the care and cure of what ails the brain. “This is ultimately to give people a way to measure how their brain ages, to measure how their brain is performing and to look at their performance metrics so that they can either improve upon it or they just have a baseline for their whole life,” Paul says. “That is invaluable information for individuals to have.”

Enjoy the show!

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Your Brain Voltage-Measure It, Raise It, Control It – Paul Sorbo – #619



Key Notes

  • Why measure the function of the brain? 00:08:00
  • “Giving people a way to measure how their brain is aging is so important” 00:10:00
  • The pre-symptoms of Alzheimer’s 00:18:10
  • The power of being able to measure the recovery of a brain 00:21:40
  • Ultimately it is whole-body wellness 00:27:00
  • Should this tech be in every school? 00:31:50
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • What’s different about what Wavi is doing 00:04:45
  • What does your brain does when it hears sounds 00:07:00
  • What really is a concussion? 00:16:50
  • Pre-treating for TBIs 00:20:10
  • The power of reducing plaques throughout the body 00:25:40
  • Hearing and mental function 00:28:00
  • Dave’s brain scan results 00:33:50
  • Was there anything abnormal in Dave’s scan? 00:35:55
  • How chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia show up in the scans 00:38:50
  • What is AI good at? 00:43:15
  • PTSD is an image recognition problem 00:44:25
  • Wavi and data privacy 00:49:30
  • Can injuries create super-powered brains? 00:54:50

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