EP 1159

1159. Leveraging AI and Innovation for Health

Peter Diamandis discusses how artificial intelligence can improve health and extend life, sharing insights on AI-driven health technologies, longevity escape velocity, economic models for accessible therapies, and his personal health routines.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, Peter Diamandis shares his expert insights on using artificial intelligence to improve health and extend life. Listeners will learn about the latest advancements in AI-driven health technologies and therapeutic practices that could revolutionize wellness and longevity. Peter discusses the concept of longevity escape velocity and how close humanity is to achieving it. He also explores the economic models that might make cutting-edge therapies more accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, Peter provides personal anecdotes about his health routines, including his dietary strategies and his use of red light therapy, offering listeners practical advice on integrating these technologies into their own health regimes. This conversation sheds light on the future of health care and personal wellness, providing listeners with valuable strategies to enhance their quality of life. 


"To achieve something extraordinary, one must have an extraordinary dream."


(00:00:01) Introduction to the Episode:

  • Dave Asprey introduces the podcast and the guest, Peter Diamandis, highlighting the discussion’s focus on longevity, AI, and health technologies.

(00:01:06) AI in Health and Wellness:

  • Peter discusses how AI is integrated into health practices and the impact of AI technologies on his personal health regimen. 

(00:07:42) Ketamine for Neuroplasticity:

  • A deep dive into the use of Ketamine in therapeutic settings to enhance neuroplasticity and personal development, including potential integration with 40 Years of Zen programs. 

(00:14:26) Updates on XPRIZE Initiatives:

  • Peter provides an update on recent XPRIZE initiatives, discussing new competitions and the impact of these prizes on technology and innovation. 

(00:17:45) Longevity Escape Velocity:

  • Discussion on the concept of longevity escape velocity, how close we are to achieving it, and the technologies that might help us get there. 

(00:26:52) Accessibility of Advanced Therapies:

  • Conversation about the economics of longevity treatments and how these innovations could become accessible to a broader audience 

(00:39:13) The Power of Personal Networks:

  • Insights into the importance of having a strong support system and how personal relationships can influence success and resilience. 

(00:54:18) Peter’s Longevity Strategies:

  • Peter shares his dietary habits, exercise routines, and other personal health strategies aimed at enhancing longevity. 

(01:03:09) The Role of Red Light Therapy:

  • Exploring the benefits of red light therapy on health, particularly in relation to recovery and mitochondrial function. 

(01:21:09) Conclusion and Future Plans:

  • Wrapping up the discussion with plans for future collaboration and insights into upcoming projects in health and technology. 


Enjoy the show!


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