EP 1158

1158: Energize Your Life: Quantum Biohacking

Discover how quantum energy and biohacking technologies are intertwined in this detailed exploration with Philipp von HoltzendorffFehling. Dive into the quantum systems that may revolutionize how we approach health, consciousness, and biohacking.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this Upgrade Spotlight episode of “The Human Upgrade,” Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, founder and CEO of Quantum Upgrade and Leela Quantum, joins the show to talk about quantum energy. Since his last appearance on the show, Philipp has made significant advances in harnessing quantum energy to promote health and wellness. You’ll learn about the science behind quantum energy, how it can positively impact your life, and the practical ways you can use this technology to boost your own health, mood, and vitality. Philipp also shares insights into the journey that led him from a high-stress corporate world to pioneering in holistic health innovations, offering you inspiration and actionable tips to apply in your daily life. Join us to see how the latest in quantum energy can make a real difference in how you feel every day. 


"Quantum energy is the next frontier in enhancing our health and expanding our consciousness."


(00:01:03) Introduction to Quantum Energy and Biohacking 

  • Exploring the basics of quantum systems and their applications in biohacking. 

(00:04:51) Philipp’s Transition from Corporate to Quantum Healing 

  • How personal transformation led to professional innovation in quantum technologies. 

(00:12:27) Quantum Systems and Human Biology 

  • Discussing the impact of quantum energy on cellular functions and human health. 

(00:16:32) The Technology behind Quantum Upgrade 

  • A look at the science and technology behind Quantum Upgrade and its potential impacts. 

(00:21:10) Evidence Supporting Quantum Energy Devices 

  • Reviewing the scientific evidence and case studies of quantum energy effectiveness. 

(00:29:17) Enhancing Consciousness with Quantum Fields 

  • How quantum fields are used to enhance human consciousness and well-being. 

(00:33:27) The Future of Health and Quantum Technologies 

  • Predictions and insights into how quantum energy could shape future health technologies. 

(00:38:34) Philosophical Insights on Energy, Consciousness, and Healing 

  • Philosophical discussions on the role of energy and consciousness in healing. 

(00:40:54) Wrapping Up: Insights and How to Access Quantum Technologies 

  • Closing thoughts and directions on how listeners can access and benefit from quantum technologies. 


Enjoy the show!


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