Jay Schroeder: Bulletproof Your Nervous System

Jay Schroeder

Jay Schroeder is the developer of Ultra Fit and EvoSport. He has been involved for 25 years, in the design, implementation, and evaluation of training plans for individuals from the ages of 4 through 84. He has studied the greatest training systems of the world, not to find the successes but to establish the point at which they failed. He then put together his system of training to overcome these points of failure. He has traveled to Eastern bloc countries and developed working relationships with some of the most knowledgeable in the field. He has designed unique protocols for use with the ARP as well as the typical equipment in the gym setting, as they relate to rehab strength, injury prevention and elite athletic mastery.

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What We Cover

  •    2:14 – First time they met, Jay Added 9” to Dave’s Long Jump
  •    2:43 – What drove you to become a trainer?
  •    5:12 – Jay Tells us about his life-changing recovery from an accident
  •   8:00 – If you’re not trying to be an elite athlete, and we’re talking about the mind/body connection that your machines bring, how does the effect on the nervous system control your life?
  • 10:30 – How does improving the body’s capabilities change your brain’s ability to think and perform cognitively?
  • 12:00 – Can you explain what the RX100 & POV do?
  • 13:45 – I’ve heard to become a “Pro” you must do something 10,000 times so your myelin insulation may build up your brain connection, are you creating this insulation 500x more efficiently?
  • 16:12 – What are the benefits you see from the RX and RV100 for athletes and ‘mere mortals?’
  • 18:13 – Can you tell us what you drive? The really fast ones?
  • 19:53 – How does the RX100 & PV increase your ‘bandwidth’ for actions that require power, finesse, precision and reaction time?
  • 25:20 – What parts of your brain are making these ‘fast-reaction’ decisions?
  • 27:35 – Jay discusses his work with an esteemed bike rider & how the biker did not believe he could increase his reaction time any further
  • 30:06 – Is there a downside to turning up the nervous system to upgraded levels?
  • 33:08 – At our conference, what are the types of things you will be able to help them do nervous systems? What kind of stimulation and recovery will happen?
  • 36:50 – You’re talking about running an electrical current through your brain to speed up the process, could you clarify that?
  • 39:50 – What it means to have Bulletproof Capacity with this device

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