Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD: Hormone Alchemy

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard doc, biohacker, and yoga-powered champion of your health, happiness and hormonal equilibrium. She’s also seen 20,000 patients in the past 20 years and applied her training as a MIT bioengineer to how women and men can leverage the upstream and downstream mediators to create natural hormone balance with next gen medicine, and wrote a book about it, called The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Vitality Naturally with The Gottfried Protocol (Simon & Schuster, 3/12/13)

She biohacked her own happy hormones and happy brain chemicals as a 30-something stress case battling McMedicine, PMS, and low sex drive. She was offered Prozac and a birth control pill for her misery by her primary care physician, and that was a defining moment that allowed her to step from her darkest hour into the grace of biohacking bliss. The main culprit: CORTISOL. It took her 4 weeks to get her crazy-high cortisol down to the Goldilocks position of not too high and not too low, and she applied that learning and refined her protocol on her next 10,000 patients over the next 10 years. Results were staggering: Dr. Sara could neutralize cortisol, what she calls the “bad-boyfriend” hormone in 1 minute. She reversed insulin resistance in 48 hours. She got estrogen back into it’s rightful placpme, and thyroid, inside of 2 weeks.

She believes knowledge is power, science is sexy… and, oh yes, actionable needle-moving solutions are hot. Listen in for our dialogue about cutting-edge science, and crazy-lovin’ solutions — for men and women.

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What We Cover

  •      2:00 – How an OBGYN can make you more Bulletproof
  •      3:20 – Men, women, and their relationship with hormones
  •      5:30 – Is having TOO LITTLE cortisol a problem?
  •      8:00 – The little-known strategy that resets your adrenal function and epigenetic button (hint: it’s a new app for your iPhone)
  •      9:25  – How to craft a top-5 list of proven ways to neutralize stress, wayward cortisol, and amplify focus and resilience
  •    13:50  – Surprising ways to leverage orgasm (for men and women) when it comes to up leveling your hormone balance
  •    18:00 – Case of 40-something working mom who would rather mop the floor than have sex with her husband, but was having “mercy sex,” and what worked for her
  •    24:10  – Case of a hedge-fund exec with brain fog and depleted energy, and how he stepped back into greatness
  •    34:30  – Create the ideal epigenetic environment to biohack your hormones
  •    39:10  –  A surprising secret that you need to know about organ reserve
  •    49:40  – How to fix your hormonal Charlie’s Angels (Cortisol, Estrogen, Thyroid) and in men, your hormonal Three Amigos (Cortisol, Testosterone, Thyroid), so they’re working for you, not against you
  •     54:00 – The dark-side of “The Pill”
  • 1:01:00  – The bonuses that come with Sara’s new book

More of Dr. Sara’s Story

When Dr. Sara was a young girl, her great-grandmother would visit family. Sara and her sisters hoped she’d bring presents, cookies, maybe a Barbie or two–like her friends’ grandparents. But her great-grandmother, when she stepped off the plane from California, was pulling a suitcase full of kale, fish oil, wheat berries and Meyer lemons.

“Confused” would be a nice way to describe our reaction. But Sara’s great granny was a biohacker, and believed you don’t find the answer to health in a prescription pill bottle, you find it in how your construct your life and manage your dashboard.

When you’re a little girl used to PopTarts, being fed kale is tough. But as Dr. Sara spent more time with her great-grandmother, she found that sometimes those who do the strangest things are the ones who know best. And they often have the best recommendations.

You see, her great grandmother wasn’t like any ol’ granny. She was amazingly youthful and energetic—she looked half her age. She practice yoga decades before Lululemon. The food she ate, the drinks she drank (or avoided), and the supplements she took were exactly what her aging body needed to keep going—and to keep her hormones in balance.

Dr. Sara has an audacious goal to balance the hormones of 1 million women this year, but she needs your help. She wants women everywhere (and the men who try to dodge the hormonal bullets of the women they love – girlfriends, wife, sisters, mom, favorite aunties)  to balance their hormones and meet their full potential. It’s up to you to re-set the way you eat, sleep, move & think, but she’s made it my mission to help. She’s including some major needle-moving extras along with the book that will really jump start your neuro-hormonal dashboard.

I know you’re excited to get your hands on her book (and we’re so excited for you to read it!)—but don’t you think your friends and colleagues would like it too? It’s rare I meet a woman who isn’t interested in getting back to the young, sexy, energetic lady they used to be. So help us spread the word, and balance a few extra hormones on the way.

Dr. Sara is also generous, and believes empowerment is the ultimate prescription. On our interview, she announced her The Hormone Cure Get-Your-Hormones-Balanced Bundle. Whether you’re a woman who is 25, 35, or 50+, or a guy with hormonal women in his life, you’ll want to jump on this offer to get 7 books and give the best gift ever to yourself and the other women in your life.


Links From The Show


Dr. Sara Gottfried, M.D.

The Hormone Cure: Buy a single copy? Improve your life, hormones and all.

Buy seven copies? Get these amazing bonuses:

  • Dr. Sara’s Blacklist: 10 Foods That Hijack Your Hormones
  • “Expert interviews” with Danielle Laporte on Desire, Marci Shimoff on Happiness Set Point, and Cynthia Pasquella on Transformational Nutrition (and her famous 5-Day Slim Down Diet!)
  • Dr. Sara’s Super Sonic Hormone Cure Playlist – hormone-balancing music and visualizations I listened to obsessively while writing the book
  • Dr. Sara’s Hormone JumpStarts – which will ignite your energy, sex drive, weight loss, mood
  • Q&A Webinar March 25th at noon PST by “invitation only” – ask anything!
  • “Vitality” Documentary by Dr. Pedram Shojai and the extraordinary folks at well.org (as streaming video)
  • “Heal Your Sugar Cravings” – 3-part video training with Tricia Nelson
  • Get Vital, Stay Vital Membership (my inner circle for group coaching): 1 month
  • 7 Gottfried Protocol Sheets
  • Dr. Josh Axe’s BurstFIT Mini-workout – video clip from his full DVD set
  • Dr. Josh Axe’s Real Food Diet Cookbook (delivered as ebook)

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Bulletproof Chocolate

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The Hormone Cure

The Better Baby Book

Daring Greatly


eMwave 2

eMwave Inner Balance Sensor for iOS

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Nicole Daedone


Hacking orgasm for men


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