Q&A: Coffee, Kale, and Adrenal Fatigue

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This week is a special podcast comprised of questions from the Bulletproof community! Sources for the questions include e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, the forum and the blog.

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What We Cover

  •   1:20 – What is the best way to store Bulletproof Coffee and can you pre-grind it and store it?
  •   4:10 – For people who like to do heavy workouts several times a week what do you recommend for  recovery and muscle building?
  •   5:30 – What’s the deal with drugs, specifically marijuana? Is it Bulletproof?
  •   7:14 – What about marijuana by-products like Hemp protein powder or Hemp seed oil?
  •   8:44 – How can I get a Bulletproof T-shirt like the one Dave had on the Joe Rogan Experience? 
  • 10:01 – What are the differences between the new Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil and the Bulletproof MCT Oil? Does the Octane Oil replace the MCT Oil or is it mean to be an addition?
  • 13:10 – Can I add the Upgraded Whey into my coffee without pushing myself out of ketogenesis?
  • 14:28 – Why is there no Certified Organic label on the MCT Oil?
  • 15:10 – How do you make a proper iced, and blended iced, Bulletproof coffee without the fat sticking to the sides?
  • 16:22 – Is taking Bioidentical growth hormone safe?
  • 17:34 – In the Kale Shake you list raw eggs as a potential addition, would eggshells work as well?
  • 18:49 – I massage my kale before blending or sautéing it, do I still need to stew this before steaming, or should I just cut the massage out altogether? Also are the oxalates in baby kale less?
  • 19:43 – Should I make a kale shake in addition to or in lieu of Bulletproof coffee?
  • 20:35 – Are kale chips Bulletproof?
  • 22:19 – Why is Bulletproof Coffee NOT affected by the coffee fungus problem?
  • 24:21 – Changing your diet making you stinky?
  • 26:40 – Activated charcoal and its benefits
  • 30:24 – How do I recover if I eat in the red zone of Bulletproof Diet?
  • 32:03 – How to schedule Bulletproof Coffee and Diet around a crazy sleep schedule
  • 35:30 – Can I substitute kale with broccoli to avoid the toxins?
  • 35:50 – Adrenal Fatigue, how do you know you have it, what are some common causes, and how do I make it better?
  • 39:35 – How do you gain weight while Bulletproof?
  • 42:35 – Biohacks of the week and other conversation…

Links From The Show

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Bulletproof Coffee

Hemp Force from Onnit

Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof XCT Oil

Upgraded Whey

Upgraded Collagen

Fatigued to Fantastic! Adrenal Stress End


Himalayan Salt


Bulletproof Kale shake

Bulletproof intermittent fasting

Bulletproof physician list

40 years of Zen in 7 days


Nalgene bottles for storing ground coffee for traveling

Bulletproof T-Shirts

Tinted sunglasses 

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