Hacking Longevity Starts with Detoxification

Chris Shade, Ph.D.

The Longevity Wheel includes biochemical pathways, mechanisms, and molecules that impact aging.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Christopher Shade, Ph.D., joins the show to take you through a new six-spoke “longevity wheel.” You’ll find out what you can do to live longer by managing toxins and hormones that influences aging.

With expertise in environmental sciences, chemistry and biology, he founded the Colorado-based company Quicksilver Scientific. It’s a group of “chemists, biohackers and age rebels.”

He specializes in the biological, environmental, and analytical chemistry of mercury in all its forms. He presents and teaches in the U.S. and nationally about mercury, environmental toxicities, neuroinflammation, immune dysregulation, and the human detoxification system.

He’s designed detoxification protocols, unique supplement delivery systems, and a patented mercury speciation test. As CEO, he continually drives development and innovation. Right now, the focus is longevity with a foundation in detoxification.

Everyone has a meaningful amount of metals, plastics, molds or other toxins in their body and is pretty much operating with low-grade toxicity. And even though everyone has the same basic detoxification system, people react to and process toxins very differently.

There’s a general universe of toxins: You have exogenous toxins from outside the body (metals, chemicals, mycotoxins or food-borne toxins). Then you have endotoxins, which are made on board usually by gut bacteria and lipopolysaccharide.

That’s why cellular level detoxification matters so much.

“Everything is about creating resilience,” Chris says. “As we get into all these little things that go along with detox and we get into more endogenous toxemia, all that stuff produces resilience. Endotoxin does that at a cellular level, but that’s the main culprit for doing it at a liver level for stopping that transit of the toxins out into the bile. When the endotoxin’s high, it’s hard to get anything done on a detox level. That’s why you have to clear your gut.”

Bile flow, and knowing what blocks it and what opens it, plays a huge role in your body’s detoxification process.

“I see a lot of the people who are really sick, they get to where their bile flow jacked up,” Chris says. “When we talk about detox, that whole detox being totally coordinated with bile flow, that’s a major thing. Toxins leave on bile-flow outlets from your liver, and so people who get locked up in there need some help.”

"I put the detox at the head of the Longevity Wheel because if you've got a high toxic load or you've got a high endotoxin load, then none of this other stuff can happen."

Chris Shade, Ph.D.

If you learn to think like a computer or especially a network engineer, there’s a whole bunch of interrelated systems. If one of them is broken, it’ll have an effect on the other. But when you look at detox pathways, you look at aging, it’s a very similar mindset, way more so than you would think.

Hormones, too, get in on the aging action. DHEA and pregnenolone are the mother hormones. All the other hormones are made out of those two things. “Hormones are necessary for all the detox reactions,” Chris says. “Having the right levels of all the hormones just powers everything up.”

The six-spoke “Longevity Wheel” framework that Chris developed biohacks conventional aging assumptions. This wheel is a collection of biochemical pathways, mechanisms, and molecules that impact aging. Each spoke builds on another and all work together.

  • Nrf2 and AMPK
  • NAD
  • Sirtuins
  • Telomeres
  • Senolytics
  • Neuroendocrine

 Chris explains: “I put the detox at the head of it because when you’re all messed up, if you’ve got a high toxic load or you’ve got a high endotoxin load, then none of this other stuff can happen. It starts at the top, it’s NRF2 and AMPK, which is detox and metabolism, and then it goes to NAD then sirtuins then telomeres, then senolytics or senescent cells and then neuroendocrine. Really, three of these are defense and cleanup, and that’s NRF2, AMPK, telomeres and senolytics, and three of them are called charging up the system, which is NAD, Sirtuins and the neuroendocrine.”

Listen on to find out more about how detox, hormones and the spokes of this new Longevity Wheel can impact how you age.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Toxins leave on bile flow outlets from your liver, and so people who get locked up in there need some help. – 5:52
  • Then it’s sister transporter that works with it, it’s called BSEP, bile salt export pump. – 8:37
  • Phosphatidylcholine choline is always being donated from the cell membranes in the hepatocyte into the bile flow to keep the bile flow fluid.  – 13:36
  • NRF2 has a co-regulator called the PXR, or the pregnane x receptor, that’s regulated by pregnenolone and progesterone.  – 19:12
  • What damages telomeres? Toxins. What repairs telomeres? Having a high glutathione and a highly-reduced glutathione level.  – 24:08
  • It’s tightly linked into your glutathione levels because as glutathione levels go down, your immune cells, they shift from this TH1, this ability to go on and kill things over into this reckless inflammation called TH2 and TH17.  – 30:42
  • We talked about endotoxin blocking the flow of bile, but we got to talk about the other stuff that goes into that.  – 39:26
  • When you take this DHEA, it immediately fills up estrogen and testosterone and preferentially through testosterone, because we couple with it chrysin, the aromatase inhibitor.  – 44:58
  • When should a man use progesterone versus a woman use progesterone? – 49:22
  • I had a number of people on this for two years without any other hormone inputs, and they’re postmenopausal and they love, love, love, love, love it.  – 54:54
  • To finish up on the Longevity Elite, you should feel your energy go up, a lot of older guys feel libido go up. It’s just a big, powering up of the system, adrenals. – 1:04:15

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