EP 1150

1150. Prioritize Performance, Not Fame

Ramon Hervey II, the mastermind behind the careers of iconic celebrities, uncovers the truth behind fame on The Human Upgrade. Explore the tumultuous journey of fame, its impact on personal development, and the pitfalls that await those who chase the spotlight without caution.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Step inside the real world of fame with Ramon Hervey II, the mastermind manager behind iconic figures like Vanessa Williams, Bette Midler, and Richard Pryor He is author of “The Fame Game: An Insider’s Playbook for Earning Your 15 Minutes.” With years of experience guiding celebrity journeys, Ramon dismantles the myths surrounding fame and success. In this episode, he shares invaluable insights on why pouring your heart into your work and letting excellence lead is more fulfilling and enduring than the pursuit of fame. Ramon, a Master of Media and public perception, brings a wealth of knowledge from his time shaping the narratives of household names. Get ready to redefine your ambitions and align your pursuits with the values that truly matter. You’ll step beyond the veneer of fame into a world where your achievements stand the test of time. 


"Fame can be a currency and a liability – navigate it with care or it might just navigate you."


(00:00:06) The Allure and Illusions of Fame 

  • Dave’s introspection on fame’s impact from adolescence to adulthood 
  • Ramon Hervey II shares the unintended consequences of fame 

(00:01:06) The Path to Fame: Not What You Expect 

  • Ramon Hervey’s corrections on name pronunciation 
  • Discussing the authentic path to fame versus public perception 

(00:04:04) Statistics of Fame: A Rarity 

  • Ramon’s insight on the scarcity of true fame 
  • Dissecting the mathematical odds of becoming famous 

(00:06:03) Manufactured Fame in Entertainment 

  • The entertainment industry’s secrets to concocted fame 
  • Ramon’s experiences with high-profile clients and the pressure of fame 

(00:09:18) Integrity in Fame 

  • The critical importance of truth and self-worth in fame’s journey 
  • Ramon’s take on authentic representation of artists 

(00:21:54) Toxic Fame and Its Impact 

  • Ramon’s personal encounters with the dark side of fame 
  • The challenges of balancing public image and private life 

(00:29:32) Encounters with Fan Gratitude 

  • The unexpected moments of fan appreciation 
  • The warmth and respect from genuine fan interactions 

(00:32:13) Balancing Fame and Influence 

  • Guidance for influencers on fame management 
  • Ramon’s advice on maintaining a grounded perspective amidst fame 

(00:41:19) Fame and Industry Evolution 

  • How shifting industries affect personal fame 
  • The lifecycle of fame within evolving cultural trends 

(00:48:41) Fame Management and Public Persona 

  • The strategic importance of managing one’s public image 
  • Ramon discusses maintaining a persona in and out of the spotlight 

(00:52:10) The Addictive Nature of Fame 

  • Ramon’s cautionary tales of fame’s addictive aspects 
  • Understanding fame’s temporary nature and its impact on resilience 

(00:58:55) Navigating Fame After Controversy 

  • Ramon’s insight into managing fame post-controversy 
  • Vanessa Williams’ journey through scandal and redemption 

(01:07:13) Reclaiming Personal Narrative 

  • Vanessa Williams’ fight to reclaim her story and personal fame 
  • The impact of a single media narrative shift on a career 

(01:14:04) The Tenets of Fame 

  • Ramon’s distilled wisdom on mastering fame 
  • The necessity of self-reflection and staying true to oneself in the face of fame 


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Website: www.herveyandcompany.com 

IG – @trichemon 

FB – Ramon Hervey II 

Twitter: @coolramon 

Enjoy the show!


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