Eat to Live: Your Relationship with Food, Money and Love. Geneen Roth # 505

Today’s guest is an author and a motivational speaker named Geneen Roth. Her pioneering books are among the first to link compulsive eating and perpetual dieting with deeply personal and spiritual issues… Going far beyond food, weight, and body image.

She’s found that the way we eat is a direct reflection of our deepest held beliefs about ourselves, the amount of joy, abundance, pain, and scarcity that we think we have, or that we’re allowed to have.

You’ve probably heard of Geneen’s books. She’s written 11 best selling books, including ‘Women, Food, and God,’ which is an incredibly popular book; but she just came out with a new one called ‘This Messy, Magnificent Life: A Field Guide,’ which was published in early March.

Geneen and Dave Asprey meet up in beautiful Southern California to record this deeply personal

Enjoy the show!

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Eat to Live: Your Relationship with Food, Money and Love. Geneen Roth # 505



Show Notes

– I went from a size 2 to no one could recognize me 00:04:50
– I realized it wasn’t about the food 00:05:59
– Be vigilant about paying attention 00:12:28
– 5 things that are not wrong right now 00:14:22
– Suffering is a good motivator (rock bottom) 00:22:00
– I’ll be happy when I get X 00:07:33
– How to turn off the voice that wants the cookie 00:17:00
– Catastrophes and extremes make you pay attention 00:25:20

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