Light, Dark, & Your Belly: Satchin Panda, Part 2 – #467

Maybe its not what you eat, but when! In this episode of Bulletproof Radio Dave continues the conversation with leading researcher in Circadian Rhythms, Satchin Panda about forgetting calories, forgetting about what kind of food it is, and only focusing on timing!

Dave and Satchin go into some surprising results in mice and Satchin’s own mother!

Also, Dave Asprey talks about how he avoids jet lag by controlling light and food!

Enjoy the show!

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Light, Dark, & Your Belly: Satchin Panda, Part 2 – #466

Links/Resources for Satchin Panda

Satchin’s Website

My Circadian Clock 

Show Notes

  • Satchin on a big discovery “Similarly, almost nine years ago, we made another big discovery. That is, we know that almost every organ in our body has a circadian clock.”
  • How it might not be What you eat, but when you eat!
  • To test this very simple idea that, forget about calories, forget about what kind of food you eat, if we control timing, how much of benefit you can get?
  • On Fat mice, “And in fact, if we take the mice that are already obese and overweight, if we give them the same food, but they have to eat only within eight hours, we can reverse their disease. And that was so earth-shattering, that I could not believe it.”
  • What we found is nearly 50% of those healthy cohorts, healthy adults were eating their food over 15 hours or longer.
  • What is “evening diabetes?” That’s a very clear circadian effect. And in fact, in ’70s, doctors had a funny term for this. They used to call it the evening diabetes. That means, in the morning, the same person might be diagnosed healthy, and the evening, if you give a diabetes test, postprandial glucose test, then, the person might be diagnosed diabetes.
  • Ketones and the circadian rhythm.
  • On how Satchin convinced his mom to stop eating after six at night.
  • Satchin on restricted eating and cancer. “We’re also beginning to see that eating time has an interaction with drug. That means, people who are going through cancer chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then there might be an interaction between how many hours they eat or sleep, and what time they’re taking the radiation therapy, or the cancer therapy, or the chemotherapy.”
  • On the myCircadianClock app.
  • Dave on music. “Yeah. That old song, I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. They were right.”
  • Dave on avoiding jet lag. “I can fly to Dubai like from California and not have jet lag and it’s totally changed my life. But I’ve gotta control the light spectrum and the food. One or the other isn’t enough.”
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