The Sixth Biohacking Box – #BIO06


The sixth Biohacking Box, #BIO06, is filled with some of the best basic biohacking tools you can use to perform better, whether you are traveling or just trying to know more about your body and how it interacts with your environment. This Biohacking Box had the most value I have ever packed into a box, with nearly $300 worth of biohacks, and it continues to be a fun challenge finding new and impactful items to share with you.


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“Dave Asprey’s boxes are always filled with awesome goodies for those who are looking to bio-hack their life. I’m not even sure how he’s able to put all of the stuff in there for the price you get it at. I’ve liked some of his boxes so much that I’ve bought more to send to my friends as gifts.” – Cristina L.

Here’s what was inside the #BIO06 box:

Fitness Genes Starter System

This kit by itself was worth twice the value of the box. FitnessGenes even threw in 4 additional $50 vouchers for our subscribers’ friends and family! The FitnessGenes Starter kit provides test results for over 40 different genes, and can help you to understand your body on a genetic level. The analysis gives specific recommendations based on the results of your test so you can tailor your fitness and nutrition around what will work best for you, in true N=1 fashion. The test results explain different genetic predispositions for things such as food cravings, caffeine metabolism, aerobic capacity, dairy intolerance, and a host of other cool things you may or may not have wanted to know about yourself. The team at FitnessGenes can provide a nutrition and exercise blueprint, tailored to be optimal for your personal genetic code. They will continue to provide updates to your profile as new genetic data emerges, and as we discover new science around how our DNA impacts our interactions with our environment. DNA tests are a useful piece of data, and one of the least invasive Quantified Self tests since they only require a little bit of spit, and I’d recommend everyone get one at some point.

Use code “BP50” for a special discount for the entire Bulletproof community!

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Core150 Attitude Shaker Cup

Core150 makes some of the highest quality travel bottles I’ve come across, and travelers and gym-goers alike will love the functionality of the Attitude Shaker. The BPA-free shaker includes small compartments for carrying your protein powders, making it perfect for packing along Bulletproof Whey or Collagen Protein. There’s a mesh filter inside the lid to break up any clumps of powder, and the cap on the lid seals better than a lot of other bottles I’ve tried out in the past. The removable stacking system makes this a simple but useful hack for people always on the go, and small conveniences like this can make life much easier when you are constantly on the move.


Grunt Lip Balm from Primal Life Organics

Studies show that the average woman puts over 500 toxic chemicals on her body during her daily beauty and hygiene routine. Men’s products are not any better, although men’s routines are usually less robust. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs nutrients and toxins from the creams and lotions that you put on it. My rule of thumb for my family is that if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin. Recent Bulletproof Radio guest Trina Felber works hard to educate people about the dangers of highly commercialized skincare products and the toxins that they contain. Her company, Primal Life Organics, makes food-based skincare and hygiene products fresh when ordered. They contain no fillers, additives, fragrances, preservatives, or any of the common toxins you’ll find in beauty products such as phthalates, parabens, and petrochemicals. Her Grunt Lip Balm is one of my favorite products because dry airplane air chaps your lips when you travel.

Check out the Primal Life Organics Shop, and use code “BP516” for a 10% discount off your order through July 15th.

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Irlen Digital Overlay App Download (Android only)

Helen Irlen pioneered the work showing that certain spectrums of light can hinder brain performance and cause issues ranging from inability to focus, to reading problems, and even headaches. Roughly 46% of people deal with this light sensitivity, which impacts how their brain functions and processes information, not how their eyes see. The Irlen Test identifies the specific colors of light that people are sensitive to, and Helen has designed some tools to help filter out those spectrums of light using special glasses, her digital app, or screen clings for digital devices. I’ve interviewed Helen several times on Bulletproof Radio and believe so strongly in her work that I took her training course to become a certified Irlen Practitioner. I recommend that everyone take the test, especially if you have ever dealt with any of the common issues listed on her site, and see if something as simple as changing the color of the lights you look at can help fix those problems.

Helen was generous enough to share a discount for the Bulletproof Community – use code “BULLETPROOFSAVE10” for 10% off her store.

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Black Electrical Tape

A generic roll of black electrical tape may seem like an odd thing to include in the box, but it provides one of the most straightforward and easy travel hacks that I’ve been using for years. Hotel rooms contain many small LED lights on everything from TVs and alarm clocks, to smoke detectors and cable boxes. These tiny lights can disrupt your sleep, and creating a pitch-black room to sleep in can have profound effects on your sleep quality. One of the first things I do whenever I check into a hotel room, after checking for mold, is to cover the LED lights with tape.


Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein Bars

Many people struggle with finding quality sources of food while they are traveling, or just out and about running errands. Bulletproof Coffee can help with your ability to maintain your willpower and not resort to junk food that will hurt your performance, but it’s also nice to be able to have a snack that you know contains high-quality ingredients and fuel that you help you perform better. We formulated the Upgraded Collagen Bars for that exact purpose, and I never leave home without one. The collagen bars contain high-quality fats from XCT oil and Brain Octane, and the same pasture-raised collagen protein you’ll find in the Upgraded Collagen powder. We left out the garbage fillers, additives, and sugars that cause hunger cravings and energy crashes, and chose low-toxin ingredients without the common allergens like soy, peanuts, and dairy. The bars make for a perfect snack while you’re on the go, and can also be used in recipes at home for dessert.


Golden Ticket Items:

I love introducing you to new items in the Quarterly box, but not every item I encounter can fit into the box. Many companies have great items that I want to share with you, and they generously agree to partner with us so that we can give away thousands of dollars in free items to randomly-selected subscribers as an additional bonus. I negotiate significant discounts on their products because I know these things can help people, and I want them to be more accessible for everyone. The #BIO06 box golden ticket giveaways included 10 Tortuga Backpacks, 100 bottles of Dry Farms Wine, and three passes to the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference.


Tortuga Backpacks

The founders of Tortuga engineered these backpacks based on years of traveling for business as entrepreneurs, and after some additional inspiration following a backpacking trip throughout Europe. There just wasn’t a backpack out there that fulfilled all the needs of the frequent traveler that wanted to pack light and avoid the hassle of a suitcase. They designed the Tortuga backpack to allow you to ditch the suitcase so you’d never have to pay baggage fees ever again but still be able to bring along everything you need, including your laptop. They use sturdy materials for durable backpacks that can take a lot of punishment, and feature front-loading pockets for easy access, and internal compression straps to keep everything secure and help squeeze a lot of items into a tiny space. You can carry the pack like a briefcase using the side handles, or use the shoulder straps and belt if you need to book it to catch a flight 30 gates away while dragging two kids through a crowded airport. I speak from experience! For people that travel nearly 100 days a year as I do, these packs are a lifesaver and a useful travel hack.

Tortuga generously offered a discount for the Bulletproof community, the first coupon code they’ve ever done!

Use code ‘bulletproof’ for 10% off your cart on their store.

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Dry Farms Wine

The guys at Dry Farms Wine use a process for wine very similar to the one that Bulletproof uses to produce clean coffee. They are long-time biohackers and passionate about wine, but didn’t want to have to deal with the negative impacts that come with a night of drinking wine, so they biohacked it. They searched the world for natural wines that meet rigorous standards for purity and cleanliness, and that are devoid of the sugars, sulfates, histamines, and additives that cause the hangover the next morning. They use independent lab testing to verify the quality of their wines and even test for mold toxins, which are a huge problem in wine due to the fermentation and processing methods. I had made the assumption that wine was just something I’d never be able to drink again before finding their wine. Alcohol is still a toxin, and it’s not something that I will choose to consume on a regular basis, but when the occasion calls for it, at least I know there is a clean, high-quality wine available to drink. Dry Farms Wine founder, Todd White, also had some fascinating info to share about micro-dosing alcohol when I interviewed him on Bulletproof Radio, so download that episode if you haven’t already listened to it!

They’ve also provided a special offer for Bulletproof – get your first bottle of wine for just a penny when you try their subscription service.

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2016 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

The 2016 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference approaches fast and promises to be one of the biggest events of the year in the biohacking industry. The conference will feature talks from a lineup of incredible speakers, and the attendees will be able to experience hundreds of different biohacks in the interactive workshops and tech hall. This year’s conference will be nearly double the size of last year’s conference, and I can’t wait to meet everyone in Pasadena in just a few short months. I have not seen the level of passion and enthusiasm that people bring to the conference anywhere else, and every year I walk away from the conference with a renewed energy and drive to help more people to make positive changes in their lives. The stories that people share with me in person are powerful reminders of why I do this every day, and the quality of the people that take the time to share in the experience every year astounds me. This year will be even bigger and better than the last, and I hope to meet you there!

“When I receive my Quarterly Bulletproof box, it’s like Christmas. I’m like a little kid excited about the new tech to improve my performance as a human being in my life. I’m 52 and this Spring I’m focused on making my life Bulletproof. I even sound cool when I tell my Millennial friends that I’m into biohacking!  The Quarterly Bulletproof boxes give me new ways to play and make changes to improve my life so I can do more.” – Laura M.


“ I love Dave’s boxes!! He always includes something useful and usually something that I wouldn’t normally use, but really glad I did once I use them. He is a wonderful guy and very generous with his quarterly boxes (I feel like I get WAY more than $100 worth of stuff!).” – Dean D.





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If you want to lose weight, increase your energy, or sharpen your mind, there are shelves of books offering myriad styles of advice. If you want to build up your strength and cardio fitness, there are plenty of gyms and trainers ready to offer you their guidance. What all of these resources have in common is they offer you a bad deal: a lot of effort for a little payoff. Dave Asprey has found a better way.

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