The Fifth Biohacking Box – #BIO05

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The fifth Biohacking Box, #BIO05, is filled with items that can help your brain, particularly your ability to focus and concentrate. Each box continues to set the bar higher in terms of value and cool biohacking gems. It’s been an enormous amount of fun putting these boxes together.

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“If your goal is to biohack your way to a better you, I don’t think you can do much better than Dave Asprey’s quarterly box. The value for money is outstanding and you will be amazed at the impressive number of supplements, hacks and gadgets that suddenly become a part of your weekly routines. If there’s a downside, it’s figuring out what to play with first!” -Mike M.


Here’s what was in this quarter’s box:

The Brain Stimulator (Travel Model v2.0)

This device alone was worth well more than the price of the box itself, and I’m beyond excited that I have the opportunity to share it with everyone. The Brain Stimulator is a device that allows you to do transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) at home. tDCS is a form of non-invasive neurostimulation that uses low-level electrical currents (about the strength of a static charge) to stimulate different parts of the brain. Research shows that tDCS improves memory, learning, problem-solving, attention span, language and math skills, and even coordination. Most famously, a Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) study found that tDCS improved focus and learning in military snipers by ~200%.

The Brain Stimulator model is well-designed, with several built-in safety measures to ensure that the voltage output is restricted to well within the range that has been widely clinically tested (around 2 mA), and with additional components for stability and to filter out unnecessary Alternate Current (AC) noise. Many people were shocked (no pun intended) that we would include a device like this in the box, but I stand by it. tDCS can be a powerful tool. Click to visit The Brain Stimulator’s shop.

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Focus@Will creates music that is digitally re-mastered and engineered to increase focus. Their methods, based off 4 years of neuroscience and flow state research, have been shown to increase focused attention span by up to 400%. The music reduces distractions, and users self-report that their average attention span went from 25 minutes all the way up to over an hour. Playing music like this in the background is a great alternative to listening to the distracting noise on the radio, and can boost focus and productivity in ways you never thought music could do. Download Focus@Will’s free app on the iTunes or Google Play app stores, and try out their platform with a free 30-day trial they’ve set up for Bulletproof.

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Aniracetam from Powder City

Aniracetam has long been one of my favorite nootropics. It is a cognitive enhancer and an anxiolytic, meaning that it relieves anxiety. It is also an ampakine, which boosts focus, alertness, and expedites learning and memory. It is a fat-soluble compound, so take it with Bulletproof Coffee or a high-fat breakfast to increase absorption. Aniracetam also stacks really well with choline donor supplements like Choline Force; many people find that racetam family nootropics deplete the amounts of acetylcholine in their brain, and stacking the two frequently helps. If you experience any sort of muscle or jaw tension when taking choline, it means you don’t need to take it because you have plenty. Capsules are the preferred method of taking aniracetam since it can be extremely bitter and will make your coffee taste awful. Visit the Powder City supplement shop and use code “BP10” for 10% off your first order.

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Homebiotic Concentrate – 40z

Mold is a serious problem affecting the lives of millions of people. Unfortunately, most of the medical community doesn’t recognize how devastating mold can be. That’s where Homebiotic comes in.

Homebiotic is a bottle of beneficial, living microbes that you spray around your home. The little guys are great at keeping mold from growing in your home. The spray is non-toxic, GMO-free, and is comprised of soil-based organisms that compete with, and crowd out mold. You mix this concentrate with chlorine-free water, and mist around the parts of your house that are highly susceptible to water damage and mold growth, and it will inoculate the environment to make it much more difficult for mold to grow. It has a nice citrusy scent and a single application will cover roughly 1000 square feet and last 6 months. My house, my biohacking facility, and the Bulletproof Coffee Shop are all covered in this spray to fight mold growth.


Moldy the Movie

Moldy is a feature-length documentary that I filmed to educate people on the dangers of environmental toxic mold. Mold-related illness affects millions of people, and it goes undiagnosed by most medical practitioners. Moldy: The Movie is filled with interviews with doctors and patients highlighting the effects of mold illness, as well as some of the treatment options that are available to help fix the problem. This movie can change your live.


The Bulletproof Chef Ebook

The Bulletproof Chef Ebook is a digital bonus that includes recipes you’ll find in Bulletproof: The Cookbook, as well as a few exclusive ones. The ebook is packed full of info on Bulletproof cooking techniques, the best fats for cooking, and the best anti-inflammatory herbs and spices. It even has a section with 15 different ways to upgrade your coffee.


Golden Ticket Items:

One of my biggest goals is to not only spread info and research about biohacking, but also to make it more affordable and accessible to everyone. For every Quarterly box, I work hard to partner with companies that produce bigger, more expensive biohacking items, and I include a few as Golden Ticket items to randomly selected subscribers. Even if you aren’t one of the lucky few, every box also includes discounts to help make these items more accessible for everyone.


J!NS Screen Glasses

If you’ve been following Bulletproof for long, you have seen plenty of info about how blue spectrum light can disrupt the production of sleep hormones and hurt the quality of your sleep. This is why I have long been a proponent of programs like F.lux, and why I stock items like the Zen Tech Screen Protectors and Low-Blue Nightlights in the Bulletproof Store. J!NS Screen glasses are designed to block blue light your electronics emit. What sets J!NS apart is their style; they look like normal glasses. No odd-looking amber lenses that you’ll find on most blue-blocking glasses. Research shows that these glasses also decrease eye strain from blue light, which 61% of adults report on a daily basis. Check out the 14:00 minute mark of the unboxing video to see a demonstration of these glasses and how effective they are at blocking blue light! J!NS offers full customization with a bunch of different style and color options on frames, and can work with prescription or non-prescription lenses. Check out their shop by clicking here, with a built-in 10% discount for Bulletproof off the blue-blocking Screen glasses of your own design.

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TOPO Mat from Ergodriven

You may have heard the popular phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking.” There has been a lot of research showing just how detrimental it is to sit for long periods of time. More and more people are transitioning to standing desks, and ErgoDriven has created a unique mat to take your standing desk to another level. The mat includes built-in, varied terrain that subconsciously increases your movement and drives you to subtly reposition yourself throughout the day. TOPO users shift 2.37 times more per minute, and cover over 202% more area without the use of a treadmill or any additional tech. I use these mats with every one of my standing desks.

ErgoDriven if offering a special discount for Bulletproof! Get $20 off a TOPO Mat by clicking here.

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Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses

Some of you may have seen me wearing these funky looking white glasses in my recent light-hacking videos. The’yre Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses, and they are one of my new favorite toys. The glasses use light therapy that is based off of 25 years of university research on circadian rhythms and sleep timing. They help with sleep schedule resetting, insomnia, jet lag, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), shift work, and a host of other sleep-related problems. The Re-Timer uses a UV-free blue-green light that has been independently tested for eye safety and meets all international standards. I love wearing these while driving my daughter Anna to school in the mornings. She seems only slightly embarrassed. Visit the Re-Timer shop and use code “bulletproof30” for a special Bulletproof discount.

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What subscribers are saying:

“I love Dave’s Quarterly boxes. They are always full of surprising items that are worth way more than the price, and that I wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.” -John M.

“Interesting package of some very offbeat offerings. Not what I expected to find but it makes sense now thinking about the range of things Dave is into. Now I have a greater appreciation of his thinking and view of the world. I feel like I got to know him better.” -Michael S.

“I just wanted to say thanks for all of the awesome contents of the first 5 Bio boxes, this stuff is amazing. I don’t think I would know about half of these great products if it was for you and your team at Quarterly.” – Chris

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