Trigger Autophagy Without Fasting – Dr. Elizabeth Yurth Talks Spermidine with Dave Asprey – #773

Spermidine promotes cellular renewal to slow down aging through autophagy and anti-inflammatory effects.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest Dr. Elizabeth Yurth explains how spermidine, a substance found in the human body and almost all plants and animals, can slow down the cellular aging process and influence your overall health.

“Where we see spermidine work is at a very, very base level to correct the autophagy to get rid of those bad mitochondria so that now we’re not being overwhelmed by reactive oxygen species,” Dr. Yurth says. “We actually will start to recycle the bad parts of the cell and start with a new cell at that point.”

 Dr. Yurth is medical director/chief medical officer at Boulder Longevity Institute, and a partner with Longevity Labs+, the company that’s been pioneering spermidine research for the last decade and focuses their research on the improvement of aging.

So what does spermidine do? Most importantly, it regulates a cell renewal process called autophagy, one of the most touted benefits of fasting.

Spermidine helps you take control of the aging process.

SpermidineLIFE® is the first naturally extracted and clinically tested dietary supplement to promote cellular renewal after multiple studies, trials and 10 years of research.

People in clinical trials reported better memory, better sleep, more energy, reduced brain fog, improved skin and hair, and more.

“Spermidine’s working on so many pathways to reduce reactive oxygen species, to improve the immune health, and to reduce the inflammatory cytokines that we know are initiated in these disease processes,” Dr. Yurth says.

Spermidine is an important part of the body’s cellular processes that:

  • Support healthy cell aging
  • Have preventive effects on age-related diseases
  • Increase life expectancy and liver protection
  • Promote healthy weight
  • Normalize bone density
  • Reduce age-dependent muscular atrophy
  • Enhance growth of hair, skin, and nails

“Every single species, every one-cell organism. Everybody has this, so we know it’s critical to life,” Dr. Yurth says. “We absolutely know it’s critical to life.”

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Trigger Autophagy Without Fasting – Dr. Elizabeth Yurth Talks Spermidine with Dave Asprey – #773


Dr. Elizabeth Yurth:
Boulder Longevity Institute:
For scientific research and studies on spermidine, visit:

Key Notes

  • How did you discover spermidine, or how did this become an area of focus for you? – 3:06
  • “Oh my gosh, this is the answer to a whole bunch of problems,” because it worked at very, very base level in fixing the cell. – 4:43
  • What does spermidine do in cells that makes it such a broad spectrum thing?  – 6:27
  • It’s changing the oxidative phosphorylation pathway.  – 9:38
  • Where we see the spermidine work is at a very, very base level to correct the autophagy to get rid of those bad mitochondria so that now we don’t have, we’re not being overwhelmed by reactive oxygen species.  – 10:15
  • In the heart, it actually increases the number of mitochondria. – 10:30
  • We know that it actually decreases some of the inflammatory cytokines like tumor necrosis factor-alpha. That links to things like osteoarthritis. It’s doing a whole host of things probably because it’s working at that very, very bottom level to restore those normal mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation pathways to stop producing so many reactive oxygen species. – 11:32
  • If it’s a fasting memetic, can you take spermidine instead of fasting? – 12:43
  • Spermidine is in our diet. It’s in soy. It’s in mushrooms. It’s in those aged smelly cheeses like Roquefort. It’s in soybean pea, one of the theories is that one of the reasons the Mediterranean diet is so good for us is because it has a high polyamine content. – 15:15
  • Do you see patients who have gluten problems having any issues with it because it does come from a wheat-based substance. – 16:58
  • Just like if you look at just taking CBDs or just taking THC and not having a full spectrum hemp, there’s probably differences in the way it’s going to react in your body, right? The same thing is true with spermidine. It’s one of the reasons that we’ve really appreciated spermidine LIFE product. – 22:31
  • Putrescine basically converts into spermidine, and then spermidine into spermine. – 23:13
  • If you eat bad meat, you’ll get putrescine. You can overwhelm that pathway and then it will go into much more toxic metabolite doing a whole lot of damage. That’s why you really wouldn’t want to just eat putrescine even though it will channel into spermidine. – 24:03
  • If you have higher level of spermidine, it will improve the gut bacteria that make more spermidine, so actually it becomes sort of a cycle. – 28:29
  • We saw that in the osteoarthritis mouse study is that it markedly reduce a lot of the inflammatory cytokines that we see elevated, like tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6. – 31:45
  • Do you think it’s as important as Glutathione? – 34:57
  • It really appears to work on fat loss is by actually increasing some of the transaminases that are converting fat. It works specifically on visceral fat. – 38:35
  • Because of its stem cell activities, it’s epithelial stem cell activity, so you’re increasing basically the number of hair follicles, so you’re actually not just … Hair grew faster. It grew longer, and it increased density. – 41:11
  • There’s a study, it’s still ongoing called the Smartest Study that’s actually looking at blood pressure, so actually hypertension, treat it with spermidine. The early results from that are looking pretty promising that it actually is really helpful there, but again, for lowering … LP (a), which is one of the hard things to treat. – 46:26
  • Loss of stem cells in bone is one of things that is now causing that demise as we age. That’s probably its big effect is on stem cell production, but again, if I’m going to increase improvement in mitochondria, again loss of mitochondria muscle cells, improving the mitochondria is going to make the muscles more functional. – 49:50
  • Betsy:
    bodybuilders who work out together seem to get better results than working out independently. It’s that socialization that increases Oxytocin. – 52:11
  • You’ve got to learn that you’ve got to understand it, and then you’ve got to take control. If you follow me on Instagram @dryurth@boulderlongevity, and then go to Human Optimization site, which in on – 58:20

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