Upgrade Spotlight: Connecting Ketones, Metabolism & Energy

Latt Mansor, Ph.D. / H.V.M.N.

How drinking ketones improves athletic, brain and metabolic performance.

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In this "Upgrade Spotlight" Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

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Introducing H.V.M.N.! Metabolic biochemist Latt Mansor, Ph.D., joins the show from Health Via Modern Nutrition, where he leads research for the company. He’s an expert in metabolism who consults with elite sport, military, clinical and research organizations.

“Almost 90% of the population is metabolically unhealthy,” Latt says. “And we are not talking just obesity or chronic diseases. We are just talking metabolically unhealthy, being unable to process whatever substrates that you put into the body.”

This is where ketones come in. As a key biomarker of metabolic health, ketones are a source of fuel for your brain and body. They’re different from glucose and fat—and more efficient.

Learning about the different kinds of ketones and how they work can help you both understand and harness their power. This discussion explains exogenous ketones, BDO-specific ketones BHB and ketone esters. You’ll also find out how to measure your ketones and why it’s important.

Ketones have been shown to be anti-inflammatory. Another benefit happens during exercise. The increase in your ketone levels directly increases BDNF (brain-derived nootropic factor). When you raise ketones, you have a more flexible brain.

Latt gets into the research behind H.V.M.N.’s development of drinkable ketones to improve performance. Ketone-IQ™ gives you advantages like:

  • Mental clarity and cognitive benefits
  • Oxygen efficiency
  • Sustained energy
  • Performance, endurance and recovery
  • Weight management and improved metabolic health

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“Ketones provide the brain with energy without stimulating.”

Latt Mansor, Ph.D. / H.V.M.N.

More about Latt Mansor, Ph.D.: He earned a Ph.D., in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics from the University of Oxford. There, he researched metabolism of the type 2 diabetic heart in hypoxia, which means a (low oxygen environment). He also earned a master’s degree in Biotechnology from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology from the University of Nottingham (England).

Enjoy the show!

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