How to Challenge Outdated Beliefs About Aging

Steven Kotler

Learn new ways to use your brain, test your limits and challenge yourself as you age.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™… you will learn about the beliefs that kick in as normal humans age and most importantly, you will learn what you can do about those limiting beliefs. And who better to discuss this than the author of the book, “Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad,” Steven Kotler. 

Steven is a friend of the show, executive director of the Flow Research Collective, a New York Times bestselling author, and an award-winning journalist. He tested his knowledge and theories on himself in a quest to learn how to park ski (an extreme type of skiing) at age 53.

Science shows that older humans are better at learning certain skills than younger people. Brain changes occur in the second half of your life that unlock levels of intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and empathy you didn’t know were possible.

In the conversation, Steven describes how his book chronicles his experience pushing his own aging body past preconceived limits. He also explains why he wrote a book about goals, grit and progression – and why he feels it’s an important lesson for everyone to learn (not just those of you over 50). 

Steven also explains why he chose extreme skiing as his No. 1 anti-aging activity. “… if you really want to preserve cognitive function, you want to basically use the hippocampus in the way that evolution designed it. You want novel, challenging experiences in outdoor environments.”

Steven’s been on the show several times before, most recently episode #784 talking about motivators that fuel peak performance. This time, Steven helps us challenge the outdated beliefs about aging that started long ago and never got fixed.

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"If fine motor coordination and manual dexterity decline over time, there's no way a 92-year-old dude (Stradivarius) makes a priceless viola."

Steven Kotler

Research Mentioned in this EpisodeBlue Zone research.

More About Steven’s book: “Gnar Country” is an antidote for weariness that is inspiring, practical, and, often hilarious. It is about growing old and staying rad. It’s a feverish reading experience that makes you put down the book, get out there, and move. Whether hurtling down a mountain side, running your first 10K race, or taking your career to new heights, Steven challenges you to test yourself, surpass your limits, and achieve your own impossible, whatever it might be. Part personal journey, part science experiment, part how-to guide, Kotler takes us on his punk rock, high-velocity joy-ride for a better life in spite—and often in defiance of—the perceived limitations of the aging human body.

Enjoy the show!

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