Saunas Use Infrared to Power Detox, Immunity & Renewal – Connie Zack with Dave Asprey – #823

Near-, mid- and far-infrared technology heals your body and mind, speeds recovery and even helps you live longer.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Connie Zack, founder of infrared sauna company, Sunlighten, joins the show to talk about the many benefits of infrared light. This technology has incredible impacts on your longevity and recovery, and I want to make sure you learn as much as possible about it.

Traditional steam and heat-based saunas warm you by heating the air and in turn, heating your body. Infrared saunas work by delivering heat directly to your body through wavelengths that are curated to easily access and transform the body. Even the sweat produced between the two is different!

Different parts of the infrared light spectrum have unique benefits in serving our bodies. Near, mid and far-Infrared each offer different benefits, such as improving cell health, quickening muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and more.

“There’s been studies showing that infrared can help reduce colds, flus,” Connie says. “The increase in core temperature helps with the antiviral effect as far as activating heat shock proteins and kind of helping to prepare the body to be stronger.”

Other studies have shown a connection between core temperature and reduction of depression or major depression symptoms.

“So with infrared, if you can get the maximum heat and you’ve mastered the wavelength, then you can get it all into your body to change and transform your body,” Connie says.

Every part of a Sunlighten sauna is intentionalfrom the type of wood they use (yes, wood can have a chemical reaction to heat) to the construction of the sauna itself.

“This is all about living the world a healthier place as a result of what we’re doing every day,” Connie says. “And we want to do it to the maximum.”

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Infrared Sauna Powers Detox, Immunity & Renewal – Connie Zack with Dave Asprey – #823



Key Notes

  • You got started because of chronic fatigue syndrome that your brother had. – 2:50
  • What’s the difference between traditional Finnish or Swedish or Norwegian kind of sit there with steam or heat and an infrared sauna? – 6:28
  • You start to feel hot from the inside, and you start heart rate starts going, but it’s not this oppressive gasping feeling. – 8:10
  • The industry breaks them down now is that there’s near-infrared, mid-infrared and far-infrared. Can you walk me through. – 9:42
  • There are so many. It’s really powerful. It’s great for wound healing, for skin benefits. I mean, it’s amazing what it will do for cell health or immunity. – 11:02
  • Mid-infrared is amazing for getting into the joints and tissues and reducing that inflammation. It’s also really good for helping to aid the far-infrared wavelength for weight loss.  – 12:40
  • This is going to like sciencey, but the right micron level that get it into the body at the deepest level so the body can absorb it and transform.  – 14:36
  • What frequencies are the ones that are going to make me recover faster from a bad night’s sleep. – 17:08
  • One of the most interesting I think benefits that was studied by Dr. Raison, I think is how you say his name, from the University of Wisconsin was connecting the core temperature increase to reduction of depression, major depression symptoms. – 22:43
  • What did you find as a difference between a traditional sauna sweat versus infrared sauna sweat? What comes out of the body differently?  – 27:48
  • You guys use basswood, which is hypoallergenic and nontoxic, which was a requirement for me to do it. – 36:24
  • You have magnetic assembly so you avoid using glue. Tell me how that works.  – 36:36
  • The industry EMF standard is 10 milligauss and ours is 0.5. And that’s a really big deal because we’ve been working and that’s for mPulse specifically.   – 39:10
  • The use of niacin in a sauna is actually a really good idea and I will do that sometimes.  – 48:22
  • What I’m looking for, Connie, from you are pro tips on what does someone need to consider when purchasing your first unit?  – 49:42

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