LMNT brand product shot of woman drinking electrolyte water from bottle on a beach
Articlebrain fogbrain functionchronic fatiguedehydrationdepressiondetoxdizzyelectrolytesfasting

Why You Should Never Fast Without Electrolytes 

depressionhuman upgradeinfrared lightPodcastsaunasweatthermoregulation

Sauna Big Wins: Body Detox & Depression Relief – Connie Zack – #993

Agingcognitive healthdepressionDietgut bacteriagut healthhuman upgradeketolow-carbobesity

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #26

Dr. Phil Wolfson & Dr. Julie Holland_1000x1250
Addictionbrain chemistrydepressionhuman upgradeketamineneuroplasticityPodcastpsychedelicspsychotherapyPTSD

Psychedelic Upgrade: Finding the Right Dose & Approach – Dr. Phil Wolfson & Dr. Julie Holland – #960

Photo by Kevin Meredith
anxietybreathingchronic paincold plungeCold-water swimmingcold-water therapydepressionhuman upgrademigrainesPodcast

How Cold Water Treats Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain – Mark Harper, M.D., Ph.D. – #956

Addictionadventureanxietyblissdepressionextremesfearfulfillmenthuman upgrademilitary

Moving Through Fear’s Allure to Find Inner Peace – Akshay Nanavati – #871

Ellen Vora
adverse childhood eventanxietycommunitydepressionfearholistic psychiatrymental healthPodcastpsychedelicssleep

Taking a New Approach to Mental Health – Dr. Ellen Vora & Dave Asprey – #827

blood pressuredepressionheatinfrared lightlight spectrumlongevityPodcastrecoverysaunasserotonin

Saunas Use Infrared to Power Detox, Immunity & Renewal – Connie Zack with Dave Asprey – #823


Adult Talk: How to Get Your Kids to Meditate – Emily Fletcher with Dave Asprey – #817

Tana Amen
anxietychildhood traumadepressionfearhealingmental healthPodcastPTSDspiritualitystress

Why You Have to Heal Your Trauma to Free Your Energy – Tana Amen with Dave Asprey – #800

anxietybrain injuryCOVID-19deathdepressionemotional healthgriefhealingisolationloneliness

Tame Your Dragons, Train Your Brain and Take Back Your Happiness – Dr. Daniel Amen with Dave Asprey – #798

Cool Facts Dave Instagram
breast cancercircadian rhythmdepressionfastingobesityPodcastsleep

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #7

sugar and depression mood
ArticledepressionHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingred light

Red Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), aka the Winter Blues

Photo of Andrew Miller
braindepressionimmune systemimmunologyInflammaginginflammationPodcast

Inflammation is Aging Your Brain – Dr. Andrew Miller – #643

Photo of Kelly Brogan
anxietydepressionemotionsfatigueintegrative holistic medicinemoodnaturopathPodcastpsychiatrypsychosomatic medicine

Why Your Doctor is Not Your Mommy – Own Your Self with Kelly Brogan, M.D. – #635

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