heart rate variability

biohackingcryotherapygoalsheart rate variabilityhip surgeryice bathjet lagmusicphilanthropyPodcast

The Ball is in Your Court: Biohacking with The Bryan Bros. – #609

Heart Rate Variability Training for Fear_header
anxietyArticleCognitive Enhancementfearfocusheart rate variability

Heart Rate Variability Training for Fear, Anxiety, and Focus

Stephen Porges
acoustic vagal nerve stimulatorADDautonomic nervous systembrainbrain wave activityGratitudeheart rate variabilityhyperactivitylearning delaysnegative bias

The Nervous System Circuitry of Safety, Sound & Gratitude – Stephen Porges #573

Petteri Lahtela_CROPPED
bio monitoringheart rate variabilityPodcastsleep

Hack Your Chronotype To Improve Sleep & Recovery By Wearing a Ring – #437

flow state_1
Articlebiohackingbraincognitive enhancementcreativityemotionsheart rate variabilitymeditationPerformance

The Biohacker’s Guide to Meditation and Flow States

body by science
buttercareer hackingcognitive enhancementexercisefatfat burninghealthy fatheart rate variabilitymusclenutrition

Dr. Doug McGuff – MD: Body By Science – #364

Articlebiohackingbrainexerciseheart rate variabilitymeditationstress

How Technology Can Upgrade Your Yoga Practice

Evan Brand
biohackingbraincognitive enhancementheart rate variabilityPodcaststress

Evan Brand: Forest Bathing, Repairing Your Vision & Adaptogens – #268

polyvagal theory
biohackingheart rate variabilityPodcast

Stephen Porges: The Polyvagal Theory & The Vagal Nerve – #264

gut health
biohackingcognitive enhancementDietemotionshealthy fatheart rate variabilitynutritionPerformancePodcasttoxins

Summer Bock: Can Fermented Foods Restore Your Gut? – #251

rejection therapy
braincareer hackingcognitive enhancementcreativityheart rate variabilityPerformancePodcastpublic speaking

Jia Jiang: Seeking Rejection, Overcoming Fear & Entrepreneurship – #237

ibrahim karim
biohackingcreativityheart rate variabilityPodcast

Dr. Ibrahim Karim: Harmony, Vitality & Biogeometry – #235

isometric exercise
biohackingheart rate variabilityPodcast

Steve Wood: Reduce High Blood Pressure & Benefits of Isometric Exercise – #234

Articlecognitive enhancementheart rate variabilitymeditation

50 Shades of Zen: How to Meditate For More Results In Less Time

Benefits of Meditation
ArticleBlood Testsheart diseaseheart rate variabilitymeditationstress

50 Shades of Zen Part 3: Physical Benefits of Meditation

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