The Psychology & Science of Sound Wave Therapy – Larry Doochin #451

New sound technology is making waves in the field of frequency medicine! We have on Larry Doochin, the co-founder of UrielTones. The technology takes ancient sound healing from a variety of traditions, largely Native American, and builds on it by changing your biology using sound directly at the cell and nervous system level. On top of holding the patents for this new form of sound therapy, Larry has released three books on spiritual and personal growth. His goal is to provide humanity with tools to improve life and enhance wellbeing!

Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

  • Change your biology using sound directly at the cell and nervous system level.
  • What is HUSO? Or Human Sound?
  • Why Larry believes, “Frequency  is a foundation of life, and that what is affecting us with these EMFs and other things like metals and toxins in the body, stress, and how that affects what we call the frequency language in the body.”
  • What are “sound healers?” and how Larry’s device restoring healthy frequencies in the body through the power of human sound.
  • How do you define sound healing?
  • Larry and Dave speak about a number of sound healing Modalities.
  • Dave goes into how the mitochondria that generate our energy are vibration sensitive.
  • On how science has proven that everything in the universe is in vibration, and also when it’s in vibration, everything is giving off a sound whether you hear it or not.
  • Defining what a resonant frequency is versus a normal frequency?
  • How we are accustomed to the frequencies coming off of the Earth, but they are obviously radically different than these electronic frequencies.
  • Dave goes into the rate of oscillation of the mitochondrial membrane.
  • How Stress can throw off the frequency in the body.
  • On how going out into nature can be therapeutic.
  • Dave on his experience using UrielTones
  • On chanting or toning type of traditions.
  • On the science of the core properties of water and how it behaves inside cells.
  • How spirituality and science come together with healing frequencies.
  • “So really frequency medicine underpins everything that’s happening on the biochemical level.” According to Doochin.
  •  On how Quantum physics “blows Dave’s mind.” “Even a proton is empty inside, so we have all these very thin membranes in the body, but even then we’re mostly space and the space vibrates overtime.”
  • Some things being treated by sound therapy are sleep, stress, low energy, mental focus, and things like management of chronic illness,
  • How involving the acupuncture meridians are especially helpful in sound therapy.
  • The science of sympathetic versus parasympathetic arousal.
  • Dave talks about the visceral sensation of listening to a CD vs a MP3.
  • How sound therapy works on the physiological, as well as the energetic level.
  • Why Larry believes, “that our emotional and spiritual paths are intertwined.”
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