The Third Biohacker Box – #BIO03

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The third Biohacker Box from Quarterly #BIO03 has shipped, and we’re really happy with the results and the response from people who subscribed to the box!

These boxes are packed full of new biohacking items that I use myself, and I love sharing them with you. Each box contains effective and exciting biohacks centered around a specific theme. The value of the box is always way more than you pay for it, and it’s a great way to find unusual items if you’re a veteran biohacker, or get into biohacking if you’re new to the game.

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The #BIO03 Quarterly Box focused on vitality. From increasing energy and memory to decreasing toxins and fatigue, this box was filled with items that help you lead a more potent life. Here’s what was in it:

Premium VIGR Elk Antler Velvet –  15% off w/ code “Bulletproof”

Elk antler velvet has long been used for cell regeneration, anti-aging, to boost immunity, and to reduce inflammation. It is packed full of amino acids, phospholipids, and minerals to provide the building blocks for healthier organs and energy production, and contains compounds called gangliosides that enhance learning and memory. Studies have also shown that it can enhance mood and libido, and increase testosterone production in both males and females. VIGR sustainably harvests their velvet from free-grazing elk in Western Canada. The harsh climate and winter conditions cause the elk to grow thicker, more vibrant antler velvet, resulting in higher levels of active ingredients.

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Ancient Organics Ghee

Healthy fats are essential for vitality, and fats don’t get much higher quality than the ones found in Ancient Organics Ghee. Ghee is butter that has been clarified to get rid of milk proteins. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, and people in India revere it as a sacred symbol of nourishment and healing. This ghee is a rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants, has a great omega-3 fatty acid profile, and contains ample amounts of beneficial compounds like CLA and butyric acid. The ghee comes from pastured, grass-fed cows, and Ancient Organics even uses traditional artisan methods to produce the ghee in a mantra-infused kitchen. Talk about quality control! I love it.

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The Dirt Tooth Brushing Powder -15% off w/ coupon code “BP15”

The Dirt is a tooth-brush powder made of food-grade ingredients that help your mouth take care of itself. Bentonite clay is edible and has been used by many cultures and even animals for detoxification. Myrrh gum resin and cardamom help to heal and protect your gums, and cinnamon kills the bad bugs in your mouth that cause bad breath without harming the good bacteria in your mouth. The powder is TSA friendly, and can even be used as a shampoo or stain remover in a pinch. The Dirt even made a special size upgraded orange jar with a metallic label for this box!

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Stank Stop Deodorant from Fat Face -15% off w/ code “BIO03”

FATface Skincare specializes in producing skincare products without toxins, preservatives, fake fragrances, and harmful additives that take away from your vitality instead of adding to it. Stank Stop is free of parabens and aluminum, and relies on natural ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils to kill the bugs that cause your stank. It has zinc oxide and arrowroot powder to fight excessive sweating, and grass-fed tallow and shea butter to moisturize your pits. Products like this work with your body to increase its effectiveness and detoxification instead of making it work harder.

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Lion’s Mane from Host Defense -25% discount off your next Host Defense phone order w/ code “Bulletproof Fungi” – call (800) 780-9126

Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for millennia to support the brain and nervous system, and to promote mental clarity, focus, and memory. Lion’s mane is high in anti-oxidants and betaglucan, which helps to stimulate the immune system. It also helps with the synthesis of a compound called Nerve Growth Factor that is essential for nerve cell survival in the central and peripheral nervous systems, and for the differentiation and myelination of neurons. Studies have linked it to improved cognitive functioning, reduced depression and anxiety, and even some promising properties for protection against cancer and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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Bulletproof Glutathione Force

This box also included a sample of the brand new Orange Spice flavor of Glutathione Force! The new flavor is vastly improved over the old lemon-ginger flavor that tasted like sadness in a tube. I’m excited to have such a powerful product finally taste the way it should. Your body produces glutathione in the liver; it’s a master anti-oxidant and it optimizes cellular functioning. When you are exposed to toxins and stressors, your body needs a little bit extra to help with detoxification. Glutathione Force uses a pharmaceutical-grade liposomal delivery system to make sure that it gets through your digestive tract and into the bloodstream where it can go to work. The new flavor reduces the sulfur smell that you find in most oral glutathione products, and now also includes molybdenum to support enzymatic activation of glutathione pathways, and riboflavin, a necessary precursor to support the recycling of used glutathione. I hope the new flavor makes this product much more palatable and accessible for people!

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