Tofu Helps Decide if You’ll Be Rich or Poor

When you have more energy, look and feel better, you will be a better entrepreneur.  More energy means more work gets done while you maintain your quality of life, and people who look healthy and attractive actually get paid more.  12% more to be exact. The Federal Reserve did a study that also found attractive people, a within normal weight range, consistently make more.

I spent last week at a large conference with high-performing, senior executives from some very large companies, and almost every meal at the conference had soy in it because it’s cheap and people believe it makes them healthier.  The trends are changing, but the dominant belief is still that soy will make you thin and healthy even when its real effects are the opposite.  It’s astounding that these intelligent, success-driven people actually eat soy, given how soy  sabotages your health and success:

  • Soy contains estrogen, which weakens men, reduces motivation, and libido  In women, soy produces irregular menstruation and mood swings.
  • In men, soy causes erectile dysfunction, gives you “man-breasts,”  decreases body hair, and lowers sperm count.
  • Soy increases risk for some kinds of cancers, lowers risks for others.  It is not anti-cancer.
  • Soy suppresses thyroid function, leading to insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, mood swings, etc.
  • Soy contains aluminum, linked to Alzheimer’s and brain problems
  • GMO soy contains Roundup pesticide which destroys fertility for men and women.  In animal studies with GMO soy feed, by the third generation, most animals can’t reproduce anymore.

If you’ll take my word for it, great! If not, read Dr. Mercola’s longer piece on soy here (which inspired me to write this post now instead of later – thanks, Dr. M.)

The bottom line: you’ll perform better (at work and in the bedroom), look better, make more money, be nicer to your employees, and loved ones, have healthier kids, have more energy, and live longer when you choose to eat a thick, grass-fed,  juicy ribeye steak over a wobbly slab of gray Tofurkey.  Eat like a caveman and follow the simple Bulletproof® Diet.  It’s an easy choice to make when you have the facts.  It’s also better for the environment, but that’s a topic for another post.

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